Remember Andy Smith??

Murph, I gather that the man Hicks has rejoined and may be at your location. If so, give him my regards.
Funny old thing,he cant get a blue uniform to fit him either!

Well done to all concerned.
:lol: Thanks for the kind words guys. Only doing a very enjoyable job!
Murph, might you once have flown to Ozz? Can't quite figure who you are. :lol: [/quote]
Hi Andy, Murphy was a Cpl for a veerryy lloonngg time!!
Good job by the way :eek:
Murph spent more time as a full screw that it took 2 Lt Walker to get to Lt Gen!!

BTW, they didnt make it to Oz, they just bashered up outside Brunei and fabricated the 700, auth sheets and piccies!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

Hello BK mate. You've got the right bloke!!!

Well done mate, not for the award, but for fitting so many cheddars in your mouth!!! :D


War Hero
Congrats Andy, Murph give my love to Myphisto, he must be mad......Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! mind you so were you!

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