Remember 2001

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. In just under 10 minutes from now, at 0900 EST it will be 8 years to the day.

    I'll be standing very quietly for a couple of minutes.
  2. As will I.
  3. It started before then didn't it? 8:45 or so?

    The view of smoke coming from the WTC as I drove into work down Rt 78 was the first I knew of it. Once in work, everyone was congregating in the foyers & canteens watching the TV. What unfolded was unbelievable. To add to the situation, we lost power - as did a chucnk of central NJ - leading to further suspicion that the power stations were under attack too.

    My secretary was the gf of a NY firefighter who had just gone off duty, but a lot of their friends perished, as did the husband of one of my team.

    Personally, my wife had just left me, taking the kids. They'd flown out of Newark on the Thursday before. The weekend before that, I'd taken the kids to Washington to spend some time with them. Not the happiest time of my life.

    Never forgotten. RIP.
  4. I wonder where we would be now if this atrocity wouldn't have happened? Would we have invaded Iraq? Would we be in Afghanistan now?
  5. One of those where-were-you-when...moments.

    I was at work when my manager told me a 'plane had hit one of the WTC Towers. Like most people, I thought it was just a tragic accident. Until somebody told me about the second 'plane.

    We did'nt have a tv at work, so I did'nt see the footage until I got home; I'm not easily shocked, but I could'nt believe what I was watching.

    One of those events you know will change the whole world.
  6. Quite probably would have invaded Iraq anyway; lets face it, Iraq had fcuk-all to do with 9/11 in the first place. :roll:

    But I doubt we would have invaded Afghanistan.
  7. I wonder what I'd be doing for a living and where I would be in the country/world.

    Its very cliche but 9/11 didn't just effect the people involved on the day, it effected the world.
  8. Well I suppose we've got a more professional Armed Forces because of it. And a few more gongs.....
  9. But a few less soldiers, marines and aircrew, Fally... :(

  10. The US would have definatly invaded Iraq, Bush needed to do it and our muppet of a PM would still have followed and gotten us into a needless war.
    I doubt very much Afghanistan would have been invaded. Sadly this tragic event caused the US to have a knee jerk revenge reaction that has resulted in many deaths and many more to come.
  11. 11/9, Please.

    I recall watching it unfold on my computor at work. The footage of the second aircraft hitting the tower was both mesmerising and shocking. Then watching clips of those poor sods leaping out of the windows. Dreadful.

    That day has been the cause, or at least the excuse, for a lot of what is wrong in our world today.
  12. I was a little nipper at the time and still at school at the time, came home and was really miffed off because CBBC wasnt on! Was not till I sat down and took it all did I realize the seriousness of it all.

    Sad day for the world 9/11.
  13. I was playing golf on that warm September day with my best mate. We finished our round and went into the club house when the first tower was hit. At first, we all thought it was a plane crash, until we watched the second tower get struck...about 30 of us watched the horror unfold live on the tv.

    As for would we be in Afghan now if 9/11 never happened, I doubt for Iraq, Im not sure.

    I'm sure Op Banner would still be going on if it wasnt for Op Herrick though.

    I went to New York in 2000, and back again in 2007, and I can say that they were two very different cities.

    God bless everyone that lost their lives due to a cowardly and evil act of terroism.
  15. I was at Excel as an Escourt Officer on that day. Everyone crowding around TVs at the American stands. Ironically everyone there was trying to sell Arms. Not doing brilliantly. All that changed though. Booming industry now, as it were.