Remember 1979 when assessing the extent of crisis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BoomShackerLacker, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. the public debt crises is a myth - if there's a normal economic recovery it will solve it - if there are cuts it will make it worse - FT as quoted just now by Meacher in Economic Recovery and Welfare Debate on Parliament Channel.

    It was shown retrospectively that the 1979 finances were added up wrong by Healey's cibil servant number crunchers (ref Barnett or Berstein). To the effect that Britain was nowhere near the dire straits Snatcher traded on.

    What the FT and I believe others are saying who know how cash flows work is that cuts by the Tories will be catastrophic to economy.
  2. ...Redwood has spoken clearly but:

    - break the banks up (Interventionism)
    - make the Public Sector pay (old style politics)
  3. Yes but who do you believe? Nothing that this Government has done leads me to believe a word they say and I have so little confidence in their ability to rule this country that I cannot even conceive of voting them another term.
    Give them another term and we'll be in a totalitarian nightmare with no Armed Forces and no freedom for them to defend.
    If they believe in spending their way out out of the current situation why are they slashing TA training? We are fighting what amounts to a war on what amounts to a 'peace dividend' budget, if spend, spend spend is the way out then practice what you preach Labour and pour money into the Forces and anything else you feel fit. If you are absolutely convinced you're right then lead the country and do what you feel is right. If it all fails, then admit it and leave, for good.
  4. You are probably right.

    In all probability, we have been fed what the Government want us to hear.

    In all probability, the ONS have fed us the figures that back up the Governments claims.

    In all probability, dubious accounting methods have been employed to make the situation look better than it really is.

    In all probability, we are so far in the sh*t it will take us years to get out but we shall probably not find out until 3 months into a new Conservative Government will we really know how deep the sh*t is and how many years it shall be, but by then, Brown will be ensconced in the HOL or HQ EUSSR and will care nothing of his deeds whilst CoftE or PM.
  5. Frothing at the mouth aside, I honestly don't believe that of Brown; he is caught in the maelstrom of Fleet Street mediated reality. On the basis that his response to the economic crises was a correct assessment carried through on its own merits (i.e. not spun). Cash flows are everything and he didn't waiver from this knowledge despite the obvious criticism of this strategy.

    Note the performance of banks at this stage in the cycle. No-one predicted this rate of recovery one year ago. Hopefully no Ws around.
  6. That’s as maybe, but perception is reality so if the world’s financial markets perceive the UK as being in the sh1t, even if their assessments are based on data which is later found to be dodgy, no amount of government spin is going to persuade them otherwise.
  7. I think you'll find that it wasn't the CS who looked at the figures and said broke - it was the chaps from the IMF.

    Cash flow works in many differing ways which doubtless you'll find if you ever run a business, but the tally on the bottom line year in and out is the one to watch.
  8. Have run two businesses, one medium one large. What Broon understood instinctively that reported losses are one thing but if your trading cycle is operating hope springs eternal. His decision is 'smoothing' the worst effects of this blip. Not even profit is sanity... but cash movement is.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Of course - printing money and driving economic growth via the public sector are the indelible watermarks of the world's strongest economies, How is your invisible friend and isn't that a lovely basket?
  10. I just don't believe the gist of that. We went cap-in-hand to the IMF in 76. I can't believe all was OK in 79. Public spending could be beneficial to the economy if spent wisely, I don't trust Brown to do that. It is far more likely that he will p1ss it up the wall than improve our infrastructure IMO.
  11. About as visible as you... but generally more friendly :D

    I don't think we did print money, we released funds against assets (quant easing); all major economies subsidise their 'pet' industries so the inference there is an archetype of free market heaven is a little orf the mark.

    On the above note, I do like this quote:

    "Maybe uninsured American children who can’t get adequate health care could masquerade as cotton plants or cornstalks. Then the farm bill would shower them with money and care."
    (New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof)

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, but Gordon's pet industries seem to be fat administrators and feckless chavs - pump priming investment should be targeted at improving infrastructure, not shoring up Labour's core vote.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    One difference being, you did not know for a fact your business was going to cease to exist in less that a year... :wink:

    I am cynical enough to believe that Brown is only looking at the short term, knows his party will not have to face the consequences, and knows that an economic disaster on the next Tory watch will play in Labours favour in 2014.....
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  15. And that's the problem with Gordons 'investment' in public services. People like the bin police, or Ofsted inspectors who go round telling off Police officers for looking after each others children do no add anything to infrastructure or the economy or anything else. Getting rid of such types wouldn't do any harm at all. Likewise, telling lazy fcuking chavs to work or they're not getting any money would hardly cause the UK to grind to a halt. Why not pay chavs, and bin police, and equality and diversity outreach co-ordinators to mend pot holes in the roads? In that way, rather than making peoples lives a misery, they improve them. Rather than folk going round taking pictures of dangerously overfilled wheelie bins those folk could instead pick up litter.

    Too controversial for New Labour perhaps :?