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  1. I spent 1976 in Malta. :D
    It was warm. :D
    The again so was 1975. :D
    & 1977 except I spent that summer in Cyprus :D :D :D
  2. Oh yes, putting out fires around Keogh, day and night. Mytchett place (Officers pads), was 20 mins from going up. Panic!!!! Oh yes. A good year for CTC, transfered and changed my life around.

  3. I was 12 :D Was a great summer. I think I went through about 12 backs and 15 noses that year :)
  4. I was in Germany, 1 Div, 20 years old - just got my lance jack and duty frees were really cheap.

    70's were by far the best decade of my life.
  5. That was the year that we washed the vehicles with a kero/OMD75 mix. Not only did it make the matt paint nice and shiny, but also when the wagons got muddy, once the mud dried, it fell off without any effort. :D
  6. Top drills by the cameraman!
  7. Duty frees? It was cheaper to put a shilling in the fag machines.

    Not that I would do that, of course.
  8. To think those t1ts are now hanging over sagging bellies
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  9. Not in my imagination, they're not. :)
  10. The smearing of wagons in kero, to make them smart and shiney like,(For post exercise inspection) was a top tip in the late eighties/nineties.
    Does it still carry on?
  11. Joined up that year. Hottest summer I can remember. Not good in shirts hairy and "combats" with linings!

    Remember doing that to wagons while on driver training and then doing it to my lanny in my first unit after an ex and getting a right punching from det commander. I thought it was a good idea!
  12. Wasnt that the year of the mass invasion of ladybirds in the uk? :? I seem to remember lying in the grass playing silly buggers with my SLR (and me) covered in them.
  13. I completely forgot about that jolly jape - I believe some people used to come back from the UK with 100's of shillings/5p which they then put into the german bandits - can't remember their names but they had 3 spinning wheels and a bonus called sonderspiels. Anyway, as I recall these cads used to put about 30 shillings in at a time and then collect the winnings in DM's, which I believe would be around 20DMs on average or as much as 100 DMs is they landed sonderspiels

    I also recall some guys used to use shillings in the phone box to call back to UK - very economical !!

    Edited to add:

    Of course I can't recall who those guys were - it was all on hearsay, you understand.
  14. And a year of variation, too. Ex Spearpoint in November - sub-zero for much of it and wearing more or less the same items of uniform that you'd have been wearing after 18:00 in the summer.