Remembarnce parade

Ihave the honour to particpate in the Cenotaph memorial parade this year. I am travelling by car early Sunday morning but am unsure of the best place to park near to the parade. Any advice much appreciated.
Dont would be my first advice....

I live in Chiswick in the week, and SPTA at the weekends, and know a bit about this. Permit me to explain.

In the summer, for the Combined Irish thing at the Cenotaph, my Ma flew over from NI, my brother drove up from Southampton and we all had a great evening. In the morning, my bro thought it would be a good idea to drive up.

We only ust got a space off Victoria Street, since the fuzz had coned off most of the local streets, that you could have parked in in previous years. This of course is because the few residential backstreets in the area are, of course, an ideal target for Islamist types...not.

Even so, if you must drive up/down whatever, drive in a bit, and catch a tube/train, but be aware of some of the London councils' weird money-grabbing Sunday practices.

If you are coming from the North, then park in Maida Vale, near the tube station, or a little further south on Warwick Avenue, have a good look at the parking signs, and take the tube.

If you are coming from the west, do the same thing in say Ealing, or if coming from the south west, head for Chiswick railway station (just off the A316) which gets you to Waterloo in 20 mins, or any of the tubes , (Turnham Green, Gunnersbury, Chiswick Park) , be careful though, as they are all in a popular area, and its a "restricted" area, as oposed to the bit of Chis south of the A4, where you can park any day, any time, and that's where the railway station is. One of London's best kept secrets.

Wherever you are coming from, all I'd say is, don't try and be clever and drive in as far as you can, take these or other tips and take pubic trasvestiport.

If however, you are coming in from Essex, or Kent, then I can't help you, and you should hang your head in shame anyway.

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