remembance day

After witnessing another pi@@-poor turn-out from the locals, I was going to have a major rant, however my mind went back to the 70's, where I first heard a song about a soldier in NI. It says it all really. Iraq, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Bosnia. Falklands and NI. As Led Zepp once sang 'The song remains the same'. We will remember them.
I will try and post a link to the song by Harvey Andrews.
You old fart stolie, remember when there were a million Harvey wanna bes singing it in Sqn Bars after Fri Phys sessions

In a station in a city the lonely soldier stood etc clever words

Went to RemParade yesterday met an ex RE with more medals than you could shake a stick at and to think I used to kick his arse cos he was useless, made a decision to join 22 not Tidders and got there a few yrs later- good drills for him but rasied a wry smile yesterday as we downed Malt by the shed load in a RBL that looked like it had been built by Dog Sqn
great song, been favourite of mine for years.

good link.

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