Remedy for Dullness



It's a bit tedious in here this afternoon, what with B_B clogging up the threads trying to prove she's a man, so here's a joke to cheer things up:

Q. What's blue and fücks kids?

A. Michael Jackson in his lucky blue suit

8O 8O 8O
I shouldn't think so ......... its a ginger :D
What has Michael Jackson got in common with a bottle of malt whisky?

They both come in tots



War Hero
What's the difference between Micheal Jackson and Neil Armstrong?

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, Micheal Jackson f*cks kids.
What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a NAAFI carrier bag ?

One is made of plastic and is dangerous if left alone with children and the other is a NAAFI carrier bag.
Why does Michael Jackson put triangles of cheese in his underpants :?:

Kids will do anything for dairylee :!:
McCauly Culkin wishes he never did home alone


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