Remeberance Favour needed.

Gents if anyone is around wimbledon on the 11th could you do me a favour.

On the boundary line of Wimbledon cricket field next to the club house there is a tree and a plaque. Under the plaque are the Ashes of Maj "Buzzer" Haddingham RA MC & Bar. If anyone can visit the old boy and pay their respects I'd be most gratefull.
Gremlin said:
Sorry, can't help, as I'm the opposite side of London, but you might want to post this in the RA forum as well (three is always best! ;) )

Obit here, he was quite a man:

went to the memorial there was more senior tri service brass there than I'd seen outside main building. plus sporting bods and tv bods. M Bentine and Tim Brooke-Taylor. I know the family through one of his Grandaughters genuinely nice people and his daughters husband is a retired Group Captin nice bloke for a crab :)
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