Commonly known as arse covering. Any Officer will have this thought (All grades especially LE) "I have a career so therefore you don't count." Or "who else can I crawl over to get there." Arsehloe rings a bell. I know I've been fcuked by a few!!!
This epidemic isn't just restricted to Bn's, I've realised that officers throughout the corps are pre-occupied with themselves and show blatant contempt towards anyone who dares to get in the way of their (inevitable even in the absence of sucking up) promotion. Unfortunately this kind of 'I'm alright Jack' attitude is having a detrimental effect on the corps. Viva le revolution.
You may be right but there are some very selfishly committed people amongst the Seniors and Juniors.
It doesn't matter where you go there are always those for whom advancement is the only course; regardless of cost.

If possible you have to conduct damage limitation or write it all down and send it to a solicitor for future use.

They'll never change but at least we know where they are.

Old chinese proverb.

"When climbing ladder to success, ensure you dont shit on people on youre way up; as when you descend ladder you will get it on your hands"
free2go said:
Commonly known as arse covering. Any Officer will have this thought (All grades especially LE) "I have a career so therefore you don't count." Or "who else can I crawl over to get there." Arsehloe rings a bell. I know I've been fcuked by a few!!!
Cr@p thread... if that's what you think...

a. Find a new vocation
b. Get out a bit more
c. Have a good look at whether you actually did get fcked or were just having a w@nk and made your own mess.
Well I guess we all know in which mess you reside in unclebink......or is it which one you want to get in??
I'm not sure if our Corps is any worse off than others though, maybe we've just got worse at allowing officers' to make mistakes in their early careers and just having a laugh about it??
Whatever. All in all it's a pointless thread.... do you seriously know of any Officers (junior or senior) who actually think like that? Inevitably the answer will be 'no'.

Fair do's, some Offrs may cock up occasionally but remember when they do the impact is usually felt elsewhere (ie not by themselves) and is usually public knowledge quite quickly. My point being... um, err. yep, got it... everyone messes up occasionally, it's not necessarily malicious!
if you don,t like it get out,no messing just sign off,or take good with bad and crack on.
Things musty have changed a lot since my time , we had some officers who couldn't even reach carp on a good day but in the main they were good blokes who were doing a job. I wonder if the trouble is that more junior ranks think they know best. My reading of lots of posts on this site (Inf, Gnrs ,RAC and others) give me the impression that it is "The Thing" to moan and whinge and very few posters actually feel it is cool to say that they are enjoying their time in khaki. Surely if things are as bad as they are painted some of you are definitely in the wrong job and should see how far you'd get in civvy street with this attitude.
As a now impartial observer now on the outside looking in I have to say I agree with the original post . The Corps these days seems to have more than it's share of career obsessed Officers who really don't give a toss for the career or welfare of their soldiers as long as they get the boxes ticked fuc the rest !!

It is not however just at commissioned level this seems to be happenning but Senior ranks as well !!

I have been with the Corps SINCE 1977 and I've never known so many Seniors trying for a commision !

Another observation I have made is the attitude of even the youngest members of the Corps's all about getting qualifications for civvie street , they haven't been in 5 minutes & they are already thinking about when they get out !! Offer them an NBC Instructors course & they run for the Med centre to get an "excused everything but breathing" chit ...but strangely enough the chit is only valid till
A: the course vacancy is filled or
B : There's an Adv Trg jaunt on to the Carribean or A rugby tour to S:Africa

They seem to be more concerned with Tax free cars, Adventure training , sport , allowances for anything you care to mention, than actually earning their not inconsiderable paychecks "!!

It all just sems to be about ME ME ME at all levels !!
look at it this way...

look at where you sit in the big promotion tree. if you are at the top looking down and all you see is smiling faces. :D just remember all the people below looking up at you, all they can see is *********. :roll:

if on some occasion they see a smiling face looking down they are the ones that care about who is below them.
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