Discussion in 'REME' started by chandysbud, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Sorry to bore you all with another careers related thread.

    I dread the thought of going into an office job, so I was looking at going into the police but have recently become disillusioned with the idea. I do have a non-technical, not very useful degree. I have always had an interested with aeroplanes/helicopters, and am looking at the possibility of going into the REME in this area. I am 21.

    How would this option work out, with future possibilities, compared to a graduate style management programme that I could be accepted onto (albeit in an office environment)?

    Any advice very welcome.
  2. Can I recommend that you go 'A' mech, Tiffy massive was duty bound to tell you this, perhaps standards are slipping! :D :D :D
  3. Only 'cos they are up in the air most of the time!
  4. Can I recommend that you go 'A' mech.

    Fabulous 60 ton flying machines.ROFLAO.
  5. How does avionics tech compare to aircraft tech, apart from one being electronics centred?
  6. Though it may have changed in the last 5 years, but Avionics does everything, Aircraft dont! normally with the comment
    "oooohh, thats got electrickery running through/over/under/near it, we dont touch that!"

    Though it was never explained to me why, even offically, hydrolics came under Avionics!!! Ha Ha :D
  7. With a degree under your belt have you considered a commission ? Pop into your nearest recruiting office and they will be able to shed more light on where your 'not very useful' degree would be appropriate.
    Alternatively, the technical trades within REME (and the other technical Corps such as Royal Signals, Royal Engineers, etc) would all welcome someone with such an educational background, whether technical or not - you will be taught all the trade skills you need to do your job.
  8. Thanks for that. My degree is in Pyschology, nothing really related to engineering at all!
  9. Why not look at the Int Corps? A degree in pschology would be of particular use there I would have thought.
  10. You think these don't exist?

    Believe me, there are cav regts full of them.

    'ROFLAO'? dweeb.
  11. Pyschology is a wonderful degree to have if a career in REME is what you are after.

    1st - You'll be a dab hand at sussing out what Cfn Fuchnuts is crying about when he tells you his sad story to get off duty.

    2nd - You'll understand that it is best just to shut up and not rock the boat or loose your career by telling the truth to the CO.

    3rd - You'll be better equiped to understand when everyone and his dog is so frustrated by senior managment's willful disregard for anyones career but their own that you really should go see a shrink for even thinking of joining REME. :D
  12. Since when?
  13. Oh ECI you really do need to get some professional help - maybe his degree could be best used looking after you?
  14. Good idea, I'm always looking for guinea pigs to test out my pyschological abilities on :D