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Hey all posted this in the REME section but thought i would try in here too. Sorry if this wrong place

I have started my application to join the REME. Wanting to join as a Metalsmith... I was wondering how long training is. 14 weeks for basic and then what after that.

Also dont know if you guys can help with this but how long before my wife can come live with me in married quarters. I heard at the end of phase 2. But also i heard if phase 2 is longer than 6 months we can get a quarter then. Is this true?
If you can't find info out like this yourself may a suggest a the Salvation Army not the British Army. The first result when you type REME Training Metalsmith in Google is this:

Metalsmiths - British Army Website


If it's made of metal, it's the Metalsmith's job to work on it, whether it's knocking dents out of Land Rovers, making tools for engineers or fitting parts on vehicles and other equipment. Metalsmiths have to be adaptable as they are taught to use a range of hand and power tools, as well as how to work from plans and sketches.

The training is very thorough, with chunks of time working on sheet metal and a lathe, blacksmithing and all types of welding. In both your training and on the job, you'll get your hands on a huge range of kit - including electric arc and oxy-acetylene welding gear - to carry out tasks such as body repair.

The Army needs to make sure its vehicles work in all conditions, so Metalsmiths have to do the same. It's unlikely you will find yourself doing the same job twice. During operations, you could find yourself out on the road working in a vehicle supply unit, ensuring the vehicles that deliver food and rations to the troops are kept in good shape.

Meanwhile, back at the base, you could be doing anything from building a new Land Rover wing to engraving REME's name on yet another sporting trophy.

A Metalsmith can expect to be at Bordon for at least 35 Weeks and receive instruction in the following:

Workshop Procedures
Traditional Welding Techniques
Modern Welding Techniques
Crane Operator
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