REME WO1 Commissioned on the last LECB

A REME LE Capt told me recently that a REME WO1 was commissioned on the last LECB. Does anybody know if this is true or not, as I told him he was talking crap.
I have also been led to believe that a REME chap was selected !

However can not confirm 100%
Well Chaps, I don't want to spill the source of my information but I can categorically confirm that a REME WO1 was selected for commissioning in to the TOT roster. He is currently serving with BDMT and knows more about Bowman and Army digitisation than most of the rest of us put together. He also did it on his own merits displaying his abilities to the LECB. Hurrah I say, lets take quality from wherever it appears and the only doubt I have about this chap is that it took a rather long time to turn from the dark side (black hands geddit!!)

ps the source is the MCM Web page on the APC web - you lnow for a technical corps we are really bad at this technology thing.
If this is the right man for the job, then the Corps have done us a favour by commissioning him (this post is based on assumptions, i dont know the man).

The Corps are better off by having a subject matter expert in digitisation/Bowman (according to Scotch) in the fold, and the BDMT win by having him onboard. He's also passed the LECB. So can anyone tell me whats wrong with commissioning him into the Signals?

The Corps recruit some young officers who are clearly not suitable for the Signals. If we're getting it right at LE level, then it can only be a good thing.
Good on him and on the Corps!

I am sure that he will bring much to the Corps, nice to get some fresh blood in, especially amongst the LEs!!


boney_m said:
The Corps recruit some young officers who are clearly not suitable for the Signals. If we're getting it right at LE level, then it can only be a good thing.
I'm curious - what do you mean by that?
Any particular reason why a REME WO1 shouldn't transfer on commission into you lot?

Get it where you can, as from my experience, REME has learnt not a lot about stopping its top rankers leaving and going elsewhere - when it should be looking internally at why does everyone want to leave?

I could go on ranting for days, but I wont!
Sun's up soon - all of Uncle Sams scret toys back in thier hangars - 100F in the shade again - better than some shitty Battalion Workshop in Suffolk!
Congrats to the ASM who was selected to come into the TOT roster and good luck; engineering talent and experience is always welcome!

Whilst I agree that the Corps should select those highly capable individuals, such as this chap - who is clearly the "right stuff" - and with skill and knowledge we can use, I see little evidence of this philosophy in action elsewhere in our Corps.

Recent appointees on the DE officer roster, with some notable exceptions, have been woefully mediocre at best (should we feel sorry for the DEs? having their noses put out by these infantry/RA etc upstarts - nah, you reap what you sow!). I don't wish to sound churlish, so good luck to you newcomers also! Watchout though, there is still a C in ICS - you may or may not have learned that on your Shrive' "masters" courses.


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