REME WO Course dates for 2006

Discussion in 'REME' started by Cracklenose, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know when the dates are for the REME WO Course this year? (does one fall over the Army Navy period??!!!)
  2. Phone RAS Arbourfield

  3. Difficult due to location
  4. I will give them a shout and let you know.

  5. If there hasn't been any amendments then Apr to Jun: 24 Apr - 4 May; 22 May - 2 Jun; 19 - 28 Jun.
  6. Thanks Dave, Much appreciated
  7. Cheers Col.
  8. REME WO Cse! You still need to do your JMC, I remember you failing with a girly blister. I know it's JCLM now so don't try to take the moral high ground either..........
  9. Beat me to it!

  10. Pitbull: Remember when i pulled your gumshield out at York Bks munster to clear your airways?!

    I wish i rammed it down your gob! :lol:

    So anyway, when are the next JCLM dates!!!!