Reme Wings on Mess Dress

Discussion in 'REME' started by catchyerselfon, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Okay you clever bunch
    What colour backing do Wings have on our Mess Dress?
    The bottle of port is riding on Black or Red.
    Any answers with supporting link will be very much appreciated.
    Cheers in advance
  2. Black backing for trade badges/qualifications, red backing for rank
    I can't post a link but check the intranet for your corps dress regulations
    Hope this helps
  3. All depends what quals you have......

    I personally have brown wing quals as of last weekend when the stella flowed and she finally gave permission....I wont wear the badge though, it clashes with my shark wrestling dagger....

    As for the lesser ballon pilot/sky diving badges........dunno,

    Hope this helps,
  4. the tailor who supplies and sews them on will know.
  5. Catchy,

    dont tell me you have got involved with all that badge collecting shananigans?! :wink:

    i had you down for the Artisan tubby bloke that almost was................ :lol:
  6. the backing should match the colour of the mess dress it is sown to

  7. My good ArmySurplusSpecial no fear there bud. I aint tubby yet either but deffo aint getting thrown outa no plane fool!
    Its for one of the BB of Courage mob serving with me at the moment.
    Thanks to all who have answered
    Yes even you Bad Manners (see ya Friday)
    ArmySurplusSpecial Check your PM mate.
  8. OMG you know who I am............or do you?????

    Unless you are East coast mainline bound you won't c me :lol:
  9. badmanners - are you going to be alright on the flight? It must be pretty uncomfortable sitting down after you've been done up the wrong un by the missus.
  10. Sparky, you never complained last time.....
  11. thats only cos you clipped your nails!
  12. Urrgh....get a frickin room 8O
  13. We don't need no steeeekeeen room.

    Beside's you started it
  14. Sparky, me thinks BM wants a spit-roast. We'll come round yours later. High 5s all round......
  15. What a way to go, buggered to death by the two ugliest rugby players in the Corps. Not looking forward to seeing your vinegar stroke face though!