REME, which Trade to choose?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shootingbates, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I'm joining my local Yeomanry unit as a REME squaddie
    should I go for Vehicle Mechanic or Armorer?
    Or are there any other suggestions?

    My aim is to be able to train quickly and get some tours in

    plus has anyone got the 2009 dates for CMSR part C in the Lestershire area e.g Grantham? mY troop can't can't find any past March

  2. Well that depends on what you'd like to do???

    Do you like weapons? Do you like Landrovers?
  3. Both

    what are the career prospect etc

    I heard the army need armorers
  4. Those are not relevant questions. These are better-

    Do you like sitting on your own in the dark and being a little 'odd'?

    Do you like working overtime?
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  5. Not all armrs are "odd", some a completely wierd! Some, are normal.

    The Army is short of Armrs.
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  6. No, just 90% :wink:
  7. Being realistic, unless you have experience as a mechanic in your civvie job then you won’t make a very good mechanic in the TA.
    Most TA REME units don’t like taking on vehicle mechanics without prior experience.

    TA armourers tend to have jug ears and big gobs :wink:

    Be a Recy Mech, it’s far more fun and you get to play with big toys :D
  8. If you want to get a trade under your belt then go VM. The courses are far more frequent and easier to pass.


    Current REME recruiting is very focused on whether you're an existing tradesmen. It's trying to cut down on the people who join with no technical background and end up as Class 2 VMs who don't know where the starter motor on a rover is :roll:

    It's best for you to go along to the unit and ask them what their policy is.

    P.S. Ignore Goku - he's a failed knuckle dragger and knows the square root of fuck all.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a gobby jug eared armourer :D

    Don't try this at home kids
  10. I'm a bit of a gun nerd so armorer appealed to that

    I don't have any previous mech experience (ex-RE) but as the army is short of armorers, I figured they help push me through

    my Unit has nether and is desperate for them so they're happy what ever

    are armorer's really that bad?
  11. mate you can be what ever trade you want they are short of every trade .do what ever you fancy .but some trades are rank ranged . vm is good hard work but very rewarding. become a vm you will never be out of a job every one can drive them not every one can fix em .plus pay is good once on prom ladder
  12. There's one advantage to being a VM....and that is everyone can when they're busy they can grab a proper tradesman (like an Armourer) to help them out. On the other hand.....when an Armourer is wouldn't dream of asking someone non-weapons to help you out!!
  13. fair enough

    one last question

    say I train as vehicle mechanic and after a few year I apply to retrain as an armorer or any other trade, is that able to happen?

  14. Rovers have a starter motor....well you learn something new everyday...ho hum...
  15. Once you reach Class 1 in one trade, you can choose a second. It's called Dual-trading and (as far as I'm aware) is something you can only do in the REME TA.