REME welfare ????

Is there such a thing as REME welfare office? especially in bfg?

My friends mother-inlaw is in hospital , Her hubby has been flown back from Canada but she is stuck in Germany with a 6 week old baby with no birth cert or passport for lil one :( JCCC and unit welfare are not much help atm so i need someone with more info on how to get around it if its possible . Any help would be fab !


Unit Welfare should be dealing with it but there is a REME Welfare Warrant Officer who may be able to advise. As I'm out of touch now I'm not sure who it is or whether they've moved from Arborfield yet. Try getting the phone number from Unit Welfare, it may well spark them into action!

Just a thought but has you're mate tried contacting JCCC? Contact details and info can be found by following the link:

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