REME Weekend

Discussion in 'REME' started by Zapped, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Just returned from a day out with the family at the show in Arborfield.
    Just like to say a massive thankyou and well done to everyone involved. The kids had a great time climbing all over everything.
    Geat stuff
  2. Yep, thought it was a good'un meself. Good curry from the Ghurka tent
  3. Top day, met a few old mates & plenty of lamp swinging at the bar

  4. great day out.

    Wonder how the two motorbike lads who piled in on the drill square without any armour on are this morning????
  5. Sore limbs, and even sorer ears from the Bollocking they got for not wearing any padding! One of life's little lessons learnt there!

    Brilliant display though - who needs the white helmets or the flying gunners when you've got the "Leaping Spanners".

    Thought getting the youngsters involved was nice touch!
  6. One took a bit of skin off the old knees and elbows, the other got off scott free..

    Guess which one had his pads under the combats??

    By the way has anyone got a video of the display??
  7. Tell me about it my knees are killing and have no skin left!! Happy i manage to finish the show, Hope u all enjoyed it.
  8. My 5 year old thought it was the best thing he'd ever seen, much better than a buckshee Apache.

    The fact that you looked like it hurt was the icing on the cake, well done you!!!

    Get well soon.
  9. How much of that was down to the crash BIGTINKA?? :)
  10. Cracking day out. good stands, good company and some awesome scoff.
  11. Shame I missed it, sounded like a good un.

    It was a difficult choice between the Corps weekend and two weeks in the Med!
  12. yeah i think we got it right for once, great day out, was like a mini army navy beer tent bumping into the troops from old units, best team won tug of war