REME Weekend 3-5th of Feb

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by chosenmen05, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. Anyone done it?
    Anyone know what the stands include?

    Does anyone if its true about women PTI's in the OTC
  2. What does that mean? Yes there are female PTIs in the OTC. Strange boy.

    PM BigJobs for more info on the REME competition, he did it with our unit last year.

    edited to correct BigJobs' username
  3. It's not really a competition, but a bit of fun.
    Stands include warrior / harley driving, vehicle recovery, etc etc.
    Best bit is the assualt course on the 2nd day. It's a minuture gun run. Blokes heave girls over walls, carry bits of kit, then everyone laughs when girls fall into water. It's not sexist it's fact! Although there was one bloke, I think from Cambridge, who screamed like a girl as he splashed down.
    Good laugh and a bit of an insight into what the reme does.
    Bit of drinking, but a little on the tame side.

    Gunnery is still easily the best.
  4. Thanks 'Jobs

    A few questions
    Is their a section attack stand
    Does Sat include a party? Is it Black tie
    Is this another excuse for 2LT in the Reg to crack onto Students?

    I'm with Soton OTC team if your there this year Come and say hello to the happy fellows in Pink and Black
    ta ta arse
  5. Sounds like fun! :?
  6. You know you want to do it.
  7. Where is this weekend held?We heard about it in my company a week or two before we split for xmas but asnone of us are back with the contingent untill winter camp we dont have any exact details
  8. There is a section attack stand using TASEC (unsure of spelling, military laser quest), there is a curry dinner that's not black tie, just suits.
    Stand run down is.

    Vehicle Recovery x2
    Aircraft maintenance
    Warrior / harley driving
    Crane building (using brio!)
    Go-kart time trials
    Planning exercise and problem solving
    Para stretcher run
    Section Attack
    Mini gun-run / assault course

    If you're army barmy like moi, it's a bit tame. Bit of a laugh. I shall not be going again as I have far better things to do.

    Do something worthwhile and go gunners!

    Did I mention the gunners?
  9. hey

    i did it last year - and as big jobs said its a good laugh.
    Saturday night isnt black tie - just normal mess dress and there's usually a disco and its usually a major drinking sess - think we managed to drink the bar dry last year...
    It is pretty chilled and a good laugh and not to strenuous a weekend... though i did end up getting completely soaked on one of the best assault courses I've ever done!
    hope that helps :D

  10. Could you speak up, I though you said something about the gunners?!
  12. Its @ Bordon and you will love it!! :D

  14. i heard a rumour that the Gunners were mentioned on this thread?
  15. You've taken this too far. :cry: