REME Weekend 2-4 Feb

Discussion in 'OTC' started by SCoy, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. Anyone going?

    Was very good fun last year, though now WUOTC know what is going on, we'll actually compete.

    Oh, and we've learned the national anthem! :numberone:
  2. Yea, whats involved?
  3. Well, it was WUOTC's first time there last year, so I can only go by that and the warning order for this year. Basically, we rock up on the friday night, depending on where you're coming from, dump your kit then get in the bar. (Oh, and bring a few cans in, the queue was abysmal last year)

    Then next morning its breakfast then you spend the day walking round the training area doing different stands, all of which are fun, I notice there's a few different ones this year.

    Then its back to the mess for a drink, a curry and a Boat race. Apologies for the music though!!

    Then its a quick parade in the morning and then a short assault course carrying a 'gun', nothing too strenuous (mind you the warm up was!)

    Then we leave:D

    What unit you with?
  4. Taking your own beers into the mess is bad etiquete!
  5. Being able to buy 2 pints in 3 hours of queuing is bad etiquette.
  6. No it's quegetry and poor use of elbows.
  7. Check PM mate
  8. couldnt post the details in the warning order on here could you? or PM them to me possibly?

  9. was going to go this year but have paid my money for an otc social on the friday, didnt realise the dates, o well maybe next year!