I've been reading the various walt threads with interest and now I think that I've found a live one. Ex-REME guy has pitched up at work and has been regailing the civvies with his heroic stories of life on the front line. I don't think he realised that I have a military background. His story sounds like this: ex REME junior leader, sent to malaya to do deep penetration jungle patrols (this in 1966 - sometime after the emergency!). Promoted from cpl to lieutenant in the field (while on exercise in Germany!) because of his sterling work on undercover operations in Berlin. All these warry experiences give him flashbacks and he has PTSD as a result. Served from 1965 (or 66 depending on whose listening) until 1975 and didn't serve in NI because he told the army that he couldn't kill his own kind! Any X-REME from that time, please PM me, so I can surprise and out the knut.

Sir Jasper
How old is the fella, in his 50's?

Careful, you may give him a stroke if you "out" him. :twisted:
Ask him what colour the boathouse at Arborfield is. That should sort him out
sparky8 said:
Ask him what colour the boathouse at Arborfield is. That should sort him out
Sounds like that's an easy question for the Walt, considering he works on the gate in Arborfield, Codename "Maggot".

You aint seen me, right.
Chubs, I heard Maggot was one of THEM!
Look just tell him that the last WALT from REME who bigged it up got interviewed by the RUC.(can we say Nenesis File?) That will teach any cnut to lie about being sshh-u-know-who. Or even being in the green as a sloppo, even they have done more that some walt TIT mouthing off in the bar.
Alarm bells are ringing...
Just to oust another REME Walt,
He's from QRL LAD apparently, however you wouldnt think this to look at his ally profile pic nicked from the mod picture library ... the bell end! :D
How many other REME walts can we oust from the dreaded face party?
As for the boathouse? was it near the foot bridge? if so i never saw it an i lived opposite the bandies block for 6 months..
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