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I'm new to this but you guys are probably used to these as I can't be the first person to make one is these sorts of threads and I probably won't be the last so I need your help.

I'm 16 in December and want to join the army in 2012. I might be jumping the gun a bit here but I want to make a goal and stick to it. I've always had a bit of respect for paras and think what they do is amazing but I'm also thinking career wise here so I was also thinking of joining the REME and hope to god that they'll attach me to the paras (but then might be regarded as a hat). I'm determined that these are my only 2 choices so please don't try to tempt me with any ideas like going into RMC.

So bottom line. Which would be better. REME attached to Paras, or become a paratrooper. I'm thinking here on the lines such as opportunities, promotion paces, qualifications, day to day life, and don't take it the wrong way but pay too. Also what can paratroopers go on to become, and also what REME trades are best suited/more-sought after for being attached to the Paras.


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