REME VM Waiting time?

Discussion in 'REME' started by BaileyC, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. I just wondered on the waiting times for joining the REME VM's after applying? I also am concerned about when you get the first pay slip as I will be leaving my job to join and nee the income basically :p Anyone applied this year or recently to answer my question? :D

    Or even anyone who knows someone that has applied?
  2. How far are you through the application ? Have you passed selection, or even done the barbs test ?

    Generally speaking alot of trades seem to be a 10 month wait since passing ASDC, my trade choice was nearly exactly a year wait for basic training, i passed with Grade B

    surely it would be best to keep hold onto your job till you atleast have a date for basic ?

    its not going to be in a hurry any way you look at it
  3. I will be handing in my application next week and just wanted to know in advance :D also do you get a continual wage when you complete basic training? or will I need to get a job between passing out and trade training?

    (as you can possibley tell by now I like to be prepared... Probably comes from doing agency work :()
  4. you will get a salary through out basic training, amounting to £13,000 a year, which increases at trade training.?
  5. haha good! are you a VM yourself?
  6. BaileyC do not hand your notice in until you get confirmation of a phase 1 date after you have passed adsc, trust me on this.
  7. Cheers mate... another problem I have is that all my certificates (minus my as levels) were destroyed recently and ordering new ones costs 35 quid per certificate! any advice on ways around this?
  8. The only people who can answer that question are your recruiters. Ask the staff at the Recruiting Office.

  9. You need to provide evidence at the ACIO that you have GCSE D grades minimum English lang, Maths and Science. What were your A level subjects???

    As said dont give up your job until your about to start at the ATR as its a long application process, VM is still a pinch point trade.
  10. I took Product design whilst doing my BTEC NAtonal award and certificate in mech engineering and I also done sports studies and psychology before hand.
  11. i passed selection 2nd feb and start july 11th. applied last september