Discussion in 'REME' started by macclad1988, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. macclad1988

    macclad1988 Clanker

    hi everyone, i start basic training on the 22nd march, as a reme vm.

    im currently trying to find out where i could be posted to once i complete trade training, however, im fnot having any luck in finding this info!!

    can anyone help?

    p.s any tips for basics and trade training?>

    thanks everyone.
  2. smudge67

    smudge67 Crow

    You could be posted pretty much anywhere as a B mech.

    Not as wide for an A mech, but still far too many options to list.

    Oh, except to the Light Infantry, as they travel 'light' and don't require vehicles.
  3. smudge67

    smudge67 Crow

    Tips - yup, don't ask bone questions.
  4. Army_Rizzle

    Army_Rizzle War Hero

    Postings - Any regiment in the British army.

    Basic - Chin up, its only 14 weeks, things get easier after.

    Bordon - Boredom, Booze and Fruit Machines.
  5. buryfc66

    buryfc66 War Hero

    Fixed that for you matey. :)
  6. Royalee

    Royalee Old-Salt

    Showing your age there!

    The Rifles use a range of vehicles from WARRIOR down to LR, but then even their predecessors the Light Infantry did as well in all Bn roles.
  7. sleeper

    sleeper Old-Salt

    GO TO GERMANY.and have some fun before we all get withdrawn from there, not exactly what it used to be like but still a good scream on the lash
  8. macclad1988

    macclad1988 Clanker

    brilliant guys, thanks very much.

    so could i put in a preference to be attached to the Mercian (cheshire) regiment after i pass my trade training?

    haha bordon sounds great!!!!
  9. gingerslime

    gingerslime Old-Salt

    You could put this in as a preference but I'm guessing that it is so you are close to home? I know loads of people that have done this but you should get out and enjoy the world a bit first. Give Germany a go, if the rumours are to be believed we are leaving here soon so take the opportunity while you can. You will be posted every 2 years as a class 3/2 I believe then every 3 years as a class 1 so you can always aim off to go nearer home later on.
  10. Army_Rizzle

    Army_Rizzle War Hero

    The mercians are in Germany
  11. smudge67

    smudge67 Crow

    Thanks for that. I was taking the pish. I know exactly what the Rifles do since I spent quite some time in the Army with them.
  12. buryfc66

    buryfc66 War Hero

    3 Mercians are in Germany, he said Cheshire's or 1 Mercians. they are in Catterick :)
  13. gingerslime

    gingerslime Old-Salt

    Cheers for that, thought I was going to have to offer a grovelling apology there.
  14. macclad1988

    macclad1988 Clanker

    brilliant, thanks for some excellent help here!!! germany sounds good!!!
  15. Heywood_Jablowme

    Heywood_Jablowme War Hero

    Germany IS good. Just don't stay in the block and become a Facebook addict.