REME VM left alone

Discussion in 'RAC' started by carabinier, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Just read the following on the REME thread

    "As a REME VM I have often worked overtime when the regiment i work for have all left the tank/gun park"

    Is this normal or is this poor bugger with a crap regiment.

    I know in my time, the 60s if a VM was working on your vehicle at least one member of the crew stayed with him on the park.
  2. when i was in we would never leave a VM on his own, even if all we did was make him brews and hand him tools. It was good manners.
    However it is possible that the veh was in the reme workshop so no crew would be involved.
    I really hope that todays crews wouldn't leave him on his own
  3. Can't vouch for others but I was at 1 RTR (4 years) , QRL (41/2 years) and 2 RTR (2 years) never had a prob with people staying on with me.. As was posted earlier, often its just to pass spanners and pass the time but its appreciated. I can't vouch for other units but I know those guys were good.
  4. I felt obliged to stay as a Con Sig!
  5. Served with several units where it was the OC/BC's policy for crew to stay with the vehicle when it was being worked on.

    Also served with many others where everyone else b*ggered off on the lash and left us to it....quite common (but not exclusive) with RLC.
  6. When i was with 1 RTR, Demo Sqn and ATDU we generally always had at least 1 crew member working with us when we were working on a vehicle.

    We had 1 troop leader who starting sending tanks down to the workshop at Warminster and then the crew would despatch themselves away and not assist.

    That all stopped when he turned up the next morning to climb aboard his C/S to deploy:

    Me: "Sir, what are you doing?"

    Tp Ldr "Going on exercise"

    Me "Your wagon is VOR, it needs a suspension unit"

    Tp Ldr "you were meant to fix that last night"

    Me "you didnt leave a crew to assist"

    Cue irate Tp Ldr who went storming into the tiffy to be rodded off, Tiffy had already informed Sqn Ldr night before that tank was not going to be fit as this was the 3rd or 4th time this guy had done the same trick.

    Sqn Ldr on side, Tp Ldr torn a new arrse!! It never happened again funnily enough!

    This is only an isolated event mind you, not the norm. The manning a Ftr Sect have nowadays cannot afford to work on vehicles without a crew, gone are the days of having more VM's than you can shake a stick at. At one stage at Warminster (for about 8 months) i had 2 VM's and myself to look after 15 MBT, Ftr Sect Vehs and assorted B Vehicles.
  7. During my time in 1 RTR, the driver always stayed with the fitter whether on ex or on the tank park but if the lump was in the workshops then they were by themselves.
  8. Yep thats how it was, likewise for turret problems, gunner would stay.
  9. My time with 1 RTR was in Hildesheim, nice guys. Many late nights in C sqn and D sqn. Also worked with the biggest hairiest scariest VMA CPL ever. I won't say his name here but those that met him will never (no matter how hard they try!) forget him :D
  10. His last name wasnt a colour was it?!
  11. Trev was his first, won't give his last :D
  12. Easy times eh. No wonder you lot were always playing cards. :D
  13. Ahhh, yes! Well he was big buddies with the guy i previously mentioned and i've heard the stories!!
  14. I cant get me breath here!!........

    Do i know you mate?!

    We did play occasionally i admit, i think we got a break usually when we were actually out on the area!!
  15. Big guy, big tash Kuwatis loved him, barrel chested Scot, was with him on granby at the end, he was with 5th skins in St georges lines Kuwait, He came and got me every day up there, after the Anglian RSM said no no1 haircuts, well I did trevs & he did mine, rowed his boat home to the orkney islands when he went on leave, lol,
    he also represented the criminal element of detmold when the polizie gave a farewell to a mate of mine in the RMP who met trev in baor batus and was the only person who could "arrest" him, he presented the rmp with a Yellow handbag much to amusement of the polizie, who wondered what he was doin there, when trev said turn left you did it if you were driving, or power steering took over get my drift, his drivers knew, I know this is dated but reading thro threads since joining