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Discussion in 'REME' started by LoggyDriver, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys. I own a 1986 Bedford MJ truck flat platform, with a TC Electronic Repair Radar body fitted (but truck is ex Ptarmigan)

    The truck has been fitted with a recon transfer box a month before release (May 2009). The speedo is the newer round type, but the speedo reads very low. If I'm doing 40mph on the Sat Nav it's only showing 25 odd mph on the clock. The needle is rock solid on the go with no bobbing at all, so I'm thinking the recon transfer box might be fitted with a speedo drive gear that was for the earlier horizontal clocks? What is your thoughts on this? Do they have different drive gears for the Bedford MJ transfer box, or is it the speedo head I should be looking at?

    Also when going on the flat the truck will eventually get to about 45-50mph. But when you get to a hill the speed drops off dramatically to the point that I'm having to change down into 2nd gear. Once in 2nd the truck accelerates quickly again (as if it's too low geared), but if you change into 3rd the truck will die on you. I can't hear any turbo whistle whatsoever under load, is this normal for an MJ? Is there a higher pressure turbo available for this engine? Is this slowing down normal or should they hold their speed pretty good?

    It's been 8 years since I was driving them in the Army, so time has erased the memory of them. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  2. not running in km,s is it? with mph clocks?
  3. It's got a MPH clock. If it was running kph drive gear (if they do these) would it not show a higher speed than what it's actually doing?
  4. Sorry now nowt about your problem but what do you mean by a

    Not a WHA at all . I was one of the "selected! or Jiffed the correct technical term" to MOD all the BAOR Bruin to Ptarmigan box bodies and never herad of a ERR as you state. Never touched the vehicle, just bodged the boxes to bits.

    There was an Electronic Repair Vehicle ERV with the built in ATE to fix the Ptarmigan boards and such and your pics look like that vehicle or was this for the REME?AAC? Just wondering?
  5. Doesn't the speedo cable just turn in relation to the output speed at the transfer box, it's down to what's printed onto the speedo head whether it's K's or miles.
  6. Simple repair suggestions:

    Renew the speedo drive - if it works you're OK

    Renew the speedo (they've been known to be received u/s) - if it works you're OK

    If neither works - mark the "supposedly" correct speeds (I suggest 30, 40, 50 & 70 mph) from your sat nav onto the speedo, at least then you will comply with the speed limit until you get the vehicle tested :D
  7. 50 and 70mph on the speedo of a Beford? Behave. :)
  8. All ours do 50mph and more! Admittedly a 2091 carrying a loaded TC might not do so well up hill but it should on the level, not yet got one past 65 on the clock though!

  9. You've obviously not been on Route 2 (E34) past Herford in a Bedford driven by one of those old Polish MSO's while dragging a 40kw Genny then..... 8O

    MSO's... Madder than a bag of ferrets on pcp those feckers :lol:
  10. get upto speed and drop a gear harsh on the clutch downhill nice pop noise and a smell of oil but they seem to get longer legs after that i even seen 69 on the speedo after that

    you could always wind up the f.i.p for more black smoke too

    though whats probably your easiest option is ring up a custom car builder or 4x4 custom shop and find out who builds there speedo drives (this is common for them due to 4x4's putting bigger tyres on) they can work out your gear and diff ratios tyre sizes etc and make you a drive to suit
  11. Im not sure what the problem is here, you have already the perfect solution...

    Just leave it on the trailer in your pictures.

    Just remark the speedo dial. If its a show vehicle that you dont want to destroy the speedo head on, just get mark up some perspex that fits on the speedo and blue tack it down.
  12. Try a post on this website: There's plenty of old sweats on there who will know the answer.

    Jarrod, who uses this site, has also got an MJ fully converted into a Motorhome. He is away annoying/pesting for a few days but he may have an answer for you

    Self Build Motor Caravanners
  13. You could also try these guys

    I also think the "Hill issue " is the norm they were always prity guttless up hill !

  14. The body on it is as follows;

    Transportable Container - Shop Equipment Electronic Repair Radar 14 MK1 CB365/13T

    It was at Donnington Storage Depot for nearly all it's life, un issued (built in 1976) then in the last two years it belonged to;

    9 Regiment Army Air Corps REME Wksps.

    I bought it the same week it was cast in June 09.

  15. I don't know the exact weight but my guess is it's about 8.5 tonnes. She does well on the flat, it's just when you hit fairly steep hills where you have to change down.

    I've heard that there are different speedo drive gears for the tranny box, so I'm guessing that might be the problem. The trucks got a good working speedo fitted, I don't think it's the actual clock. I might have to take it to a tacho centre and get them to retune the speedo.