REME VM Cyprus posting...good or bad????

Discussion in 'REME' started by rememechanic, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Trying to get a posting to Cyprus....who are there?? and is it any good???
  2. Was there 2 years ago, with CSSU (changed name now though), and we provided logistical support to all units on the island, however you could also be attached to a RIB (Resident Infantry Bn) who are always very very busy. Personally I had a good time out there, summer is excellent but the winters can be very boring, especially for the single guys, PM me a list of questions if you want any further advice,

  3. Same as anywhere, it's what you make it. Sun or rain, sea or sand, light or dark, if you fag around infront of a playstation 24/7 then it could be the best place in the world but still rubbish. What have you got to lose?
  4. Since a rebalance on island last year all REME tradesmen, less a Sgt VM and ECE and the HQ staff are now part of Force Workshop Company based in Akrotiri. They still have tradesmen in detachments at Dhekelia and Episkopi though. As a VM with the Company you could still expect to deploy operationally off-island with the RIBs though.
  5. No, it hasn't.
  6. Oh yes it has, now the Cyp Op Sp Unit (COSU).
  7. Since when?
  8. Sep last year.
  9. Played footie against them in April, and they still called themselves CSSU.
  10. Worth doing a bit of research before posting a 3 word statement! Apology accepted :wink:
  11. I don't know who 'they' were, but believe me, Sep last year was when it folded, their CO went to HQ BFC. You will still find CSSU and former sub-unit signs all over the place and I dare say the Rugby and Footbal strips have not changed either! Supply Sqn and Gen Sp Sqn have also recently merged into Log Sp Sqn and Force Wksp Coy is now 48 ES Coy.
  12. Yes, my bad :oops:

    Any particular reason for the change of name, or did they just fancy a change? :wink:
  13. As part of the island's streamlining, a merge of the two major units of 'RAF Akrotiri' and CSSU.
  14. There's also the issue of cost cutting as well - big "project" inbound to cut almost all non stabbing/strangling mil posts on island and replace with highly cost effective contractors instead.