REME VM Class one retention?

Discussion in 'REME' started by blabla, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. Just wondering what the current situation is regarding retention after the class one course? I know they used to do this, not sure how long, but ive heard with redunduncies etc theyve binned the retention? Can anyone shed any light on this please. Cheers!
  2. It was binned a while ago a lad on my course finish it then signed off
  3. Is that for sure? Because my intention was to do the class one and sign off, but a friend of mine is a signaller on his class one and hes saying he has a 18month retention afterward? Im curretnyl doing the nvq3 in maintenence engineering but if theres a retetnion on the class one then ill leave it as i dont think its essential as such. Just its around a year til my class one, 9months to do it, the n if there is a n18month retetion it all adds up and its just not what im wanting to do. Is this "maintenence engineering"" qualification the army are giving us vm's recognized on civvie street? It doesnt seem specific to vm'ing at all.
  4. Why do the Class 1 if you're just going to sign off at the end of it? In my experience you just become a burden on your new unit (because they have probably been expecting a Cl 1 who is going to give them 3 years work) only to find that you'll do 3 or 4 months and then be resettling. You may think screw the unit but it normally means that the bloke is given all of the shit jobs and treated badly.
    Why not just sign off before and save everyone, including yourself, the hassle?
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  5. might as well get another qualification under his belt for civi strasse. I advise all my lads/lasses to totally abuse the courses if they are going to sign off. At the end of the day life carries on in units, I'm totally strapped for manpower but I would rather see someone leave with more quals than leave with eff all.
  6. Live the dream and become a Tiffy!
    Do 22yrs+ & draw your pension whilst in civvy street.
    Quids in = simples!
  7. Difference in literacy standard between posts 1 & 3 suggest to me this is a wah attempt.
  8. Yes I'm sure plenty of class 1 vms but the upgrader course dose give you a good qualification of level 3 city and guilds in engineering commissioning, installation and maintenance it means you just don't have to fix vehicles but could go on and do more

  9. Do you know what a wah is? You are aluding to the fact that this might be a wind up. It is definately not a wah
  10. Difference in literacy is because post 1, i was sober, post 3, had a few mojito's. No, its not a "wah", its a genuine question. As for saving myself the hastle, Im wanting to continue engineering when i leave the army. I would like to sign off right now dont get me wrong, but ive been told the nvq 3 and class one quals are worth getting, and it also allows you to sign up to an engineering institution. Im not bothered about shit jobs having signed off afterwards, i find it that way anyway hence the wanting to sign off. I have to disagree about the bosses expecting somthing i cant deliver though, i can pat myself on the back when it comes to work as im a grafter. Thanks for the help though everyone and getting back with some answers its been a help. Is there anything stopping anybody signing off after there class one though if theres no retention? Not trying to rub anybody up wrong, but it is a personal decision which we're all entitled to. Some love it, im jst not one of those people. Thanks guys.