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Discussion in 'REME' started by Britain666, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I left the REME in 2010 as a class 2 VM. Unfortunately since then I lost all me qualification certificates in a car crash (I forgot they were tucked in behind my drivers seat when it got towed off for scrap).

    Anyways I was hoping there would be a kind soul out there that could perhaps have a look at their certificates and just let me know which quals I would have gained and which governing body I would need to speak to for replacement certificates.

    I went through Bordon in 2005, so if anything changed since then the quake may be different for new lads I'm guessing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. If you speak to the validation cell at SEME they should be able to help with regard to replacement certificates.

    VM Validation officer 01420 485595
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  3. Thanks for the speedy response.

    Tried ringing but getting no answer so far but I'll keep trying. Just rewriting my CV so that's all I need it for really. Hate me job! Haha
  4. Ok, if you get no joy on that number let me know on here and I'll dig some more out for you.
  5. For B Mechs I think you get
    City & Guilds Level 3 in Squatting to Piss
    Level 1 in Toffee hammer techniques
    Level 2 Girl Guides Quals
    NVQ in staying warm on exercise.

    As Spaz says The validation office should be able to help get your old Certs.
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  6. Hahaha I'm guessing your an A mech then...

    I'd presume A and B get the same quals anyways
  7. Thanks for the help Spaz but I was unable to get hold of him. Probably due to it being a Friday.

    I'll try again next week, if anyone else could help in the meantime that would be great.
  8. It's half term isn't it?
  9. Yes so you can go and play whilst Sluggies out the country.

    Bordon will as empty as Glanford Park (for those uneducated footy fans like PA its Scunthorpes ground) on a Saturday...even the Tiffies will be on School holidays and skate boarding in the local parks.
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  10. Ah cheers guys, when's everyone back?
  11. Once upon a time Mr Iron was a B mech and I do believe he was extemely proud of that fact by telling wannabe A mechs that he knew to FO pretty much every time he got the chance.
    He must have opted for the necessary lobotomy to qualify. :)

    Pretty sure I have you bang to rights as to who you are TI - how are you? Have you got Mr. in front of P yet?
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  12. Intrigued and to answer your question it wont be much longer....I learnt early on in my career squatting wasnt for me :)
  13. I think Im the only one from my basic VM course in 1988 still serving mate, good to hear from you today after 24 years and thanks for not mentioning my Grand slam...i was young and it was my post Deutchland years....aren't our Certificates in slate??? Just had a look at our course photo on top of the Chieftain...**** me we all had quiffs...hairs a luxury now a days.
  14. Hi,

    If you left as a Class 2 then you achieved an a full apprenticeship (Level 2 Key skills, Level 2 Tech Cert and level 2 NVQ). You need to speak to Babcock (formerly VT) at Bordon who will have photocopies of your certs.
  15. with all due respect, if your after a career in the motor trade based on REME quals, then prepare to starve to death.
    whilst the quals (on paper) match those of the wider industry, the commercial factor is gonna come as a shock, as the time we use to take to fix stuff will get you sacked toot-sweet in a civvy garage.
    just saying, like