REME VM(B) Class 2 - Civvie equivalent?

Hi guys,
I used to be in REME TA as a VM, class 2 - is there an equivalent civilian qualification? If so, how would I go about attaining it?
I'm sure this topic has probably come up before so I apologise, but I couldn't get the search to work.
The TA Class 3/2 VM course is equivalent to 1 McDonalds star.

Or from the horses mouth:

What Qualifications Could I Get?

As a member of a Territorial unit you will have access to a Continuous Professional Development Plan and Personal Development Record. Together, these will help you identify and develop your skills and turn them into recognised civilian qualifications, which may be of help to you in your civilian career. NVQ Level 2 may soon be awarded to those completing their trade training.


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