Discussion in 'REME' started by andrewb19, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in changing my trade to become a VM(A) in REME. I've been searching the forum and speaking with the online recruiters, but none of them can really give me much advice, other than what is on the Army website. I'm interested in knowing if there are regular, varied and interesting deployments as a VM(A), maybe with some examples and how often a typical mechanic can get deployed.

    I'm also wondering what the qualifications and promotions prospects are like, and if its a good trade to be in for civi street, say after 10 years. I have GCSEs, A-levels and doing an OU degree - would this put me in good sted?

    Is the role interesting and varied? I enjoy working with my hands and love learning how things work. I enjoy learning new and cool ways of doing practical things. My favorite subjects in school was maths and physics, if that helps.

  2. Top trade VM(A), but not everyone's cup of tea and you'll no doubt get a lot of nostalgic replies. Although we moved away from VM(A)/(B) a few years ago, we moved back, and now were at the stage where a VM deploys (regularly) and supports just about every type of vehicle.

    Changing your trade from what?

    An OU Degree in what?
  3. Thanks for your reply Royaleee.

    Changing trade from RS Communication Systems Operator and OU degree is Physics.

    How difficult is it to get on the Tiffy course and do you really come away with a degree?
  4. Have you thought of a stab at Officer selection, not necessarily in your current cap badge? Is age against you?

    Tiffy selection is a soldier's version of Officer selection. An essay, leadership tasks, interview and a debate, down to a one day assessment now at the end of the course that fully qualifies you at trade.

    The whole concept of Artificer training and employment is allegedly under review. Try to get to core current information as opposed to what's on web sites and in brochures. Some Artificer trades did achieve a Degree as part of the course but I wouldn't bank on it being part of the course in the future. That said, you'll always receive training that provides credits and will continue to receive Engineering Council recognition I believe given the general operational engineeringenvironment we operate within.

    Aim high.
  5. As I'm sure you're already aware, the VMA works on all the heavy tracked vehs plus the basic wheeled vehs and VMB concentrates on all the wheeled and plant fleets with a few light A vehs thrown in for good measure. Both feed into the Artificer Vehs area, selection for which relies on your CRs, Class 1 cse and performance at the Potential Artificer Assessment Board (PAAB). It is by no means certain that a degree will guarantee success at PAAB but it marks you out as a bright and self motivated character so that's a good start. It is true that the tiffy cses are being reviewed with the intention of making them shorter, more targetted at what is required of the tiff at unit level and perhaps resulting in a generic 'systems artificer' rather than tied to the Vehs trade area. This is all still being discussed so nothing is agreed as yet but the issue of associated quals is likely to end up with removal of some that were previously possible. Royalee is right in suggesting that they are all accredited in some fashion anyway.

    Don't worry about op tours, exercises, etc since VMs do plenty !
  6. VMA is the only REME trade that is worth looking at, except Recct Mech if you want to tour and get stuck into what is going on around you in your theater of operation:IE on the ground with the teath arms on a regular basis.The Tiffy rout is a questionable one , it works for some it don't for others.Like all walks of life you get good and bad tiffies, and all other ranks I guess.If you want to persue a hands on career then do not go tiffy, that said i beleive you said you were looking at 10 years in , an absurd ammount as at 12 at least you get a half pension, however to make tiffy in 10 years would be very very very fast , as a VMA, rerally not happening.You have some good qualifications there, like I did, and you must make the choice soldier or officer, I wanted to be coldstream guards................ended up VMA, the recruiting office wanted me to be officer inf , Coldstreams if poss. (No fikking wat my uncle was RSM!!)
    So like I said make your choice , as an officer REME do not expect to be able to get stuck into it with the tanks and apc's if thats what you are looking for.
  7. Hey, I'm still deciding which REME trade to go for. I wanted Armourer but want to keep options open for civvy street. Just wondering, can the VM(A)'s experience/qualifications be applied to mechanics in the private sector too? Or is it just the VM(B) who has useful training for civvy vehicles? Sorry if I sound dumb.
  8. andrewb19 and jammy jeans, you guys should both PM me.
  9. Have a look into Electronics/Avionics technician, it sounds like you'd be well suited to the trade. As a technician you fly through the ranks and I think the qualifications and experience should set you up for life. If I could handle the studying this is what I'd do but I'm not as dedicated as someone who could study a degree like you mate.
  10. Really? When I was in REME (1986 - 2006) Techs didn't 'fly' through the ranks. They got Sgt pretty quick (6 yrs)and then stagnated unless they went Tiffy.
    Technician trades are a good choice, but it isn't all about studying, you need to have hand and diagnostic skills too. I know plenty of dumb Techs (and some clever ones ).
  11. How quickly can i expect to progress though the ranks as a VM(A)?

    what other duties would i be given as I (hopefully) progress through the ranks?

    Do the vehicle mechs get chance to fight on front line?

    I'm looking to get a mix between combat and engineering. Any suggestions?

  12. Why would you want to join the REME and fight on the "front line".
  13. "I'm looking to get a mix between combat and engineering. Any suggestions?"
  14. Engineer Recce :roll:

    As a tradesman in REME your primary role is keeping the kit in the hands of the user, getting involved in combat is more of a reality in these days than when I finished (1996). If you join the Corps, it should be for the right reasons.

    All the best

    Phil (ex VM "A")
  15. You want the same as I do. Join the Royal Engineers like I am. The Royal Engineers have the unique chance to be trained in and operate in three roles. First you'll be trained as an Infantry soldier during phase 1, then you'll be trained as a Combat Engineer during phase 2 Alpha, finally you will learn a trade during phase 2 Bravo. Combat engineers operate in close support on the front lines, they're responsible for bridging, mine warfare, demolitions, basic bomb disposal, crossing water obstacles, supply of clean water and construction in battle zones. Sappers are also involved in a lot of humanitarian work, such as post conflict reconstruction of infrastructure. You get the chance to be a soldier on the front lines operating in an engineering role AND you get the chance to gain a trade that directly transfers to the private sector with all of the qualifications that go with it. I think for these reasons it's the best area of the Army to join, check it out