REME VM A equivalent in civvy street?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Honeymonster222, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. What should the correct definition of ex REME vehicle mechanics be on their CVs? Say a class 2 and class 1 trained VM.

    1) Mechanical Engineer?
    2) Heavy Tracked Vehicle Engineer?
    3) Engineer?

    Since they are not really simply just vehicle mechanics because that would imply they fixed cars, which they do not. REME A mech fixes heavy tracked vehicles. Their job are extremely varied and technical in nature and I dont think calling themselves vehicle mechanics will do them justice.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  2. A sloped headed knuckle dragger? :)
  3. You could always put Light and Heavy Vehicle Technician.

    Dont mention on your CV how good looking or how much you drink or that you love smacking gobby Techs round the head with a pipe wrench.
  4. "What should the correct definition of ex REME vehicle mechanics be on their CVs? Say a class 2 and class 1 trained VM"

    I have the same qualifications, experience and smell as a eastern european car cleaner in a supermarket car park.
  5. You could just tell people that you are a mechanic and when they ask what you've worked on tell 'em......
    Show apprenticeship/HNC/NVQ/HND etc...
  6. H3

    H3 LE

    kwick fit .... Fitter !!!
  7. Hard to get real answers on arrse. I am not sure if people take genuine questions seriously or not.
  8. Are you still serving mate? What will you think if civvies with no knowledge of the army sees your nonsense post?

    REME is a highly professional engineering organisation that deserves the recognition.
  9. Depends what job you're applying for...

    Writing a "generic CV" that'll appeal to everyone is notoriously difficult. If you're applying for a specific job, then write the CV to bring out all the skills you have which match that job. If you're just chucking it into a job board hoping for a bite, then again decide what you want and write accordingly. If you want to work on buses and big trucks then bring out the aspects that apply: diesel turbos, automatic boxes, hydraulic systems, controls and ECUs etc.

    Remember, civvys don't know what VMA or VMB is, and by and large they don't care. An employer is looking for someone with a set of skills, not a previous job title. Remind them you have specific skills in diagnosing and fixing technical problems, not just box-swapping and fitting lumps on (unless that's the job you want!)

    Good luck!
  10. Heavy diesel engine mechanic?
  11. If you're leaving in the near future there's (or was in my exit days) a wealth of experience and help on the CV workshops

    Also, does it really matter what the job descrition is? I'm sure an potential employer is bright enough to work out that you was a mechanic without a fancy (and meaningless) job description. Most jobs I've had since leaving bare no resemblance to the actual job, as Managers/Directors seem to have this notion now to flesh-out non-jobs with crap verbal-diarrhea descriptions.

    Still think, 'Heavy drinking grumpy & stinky hammer mechanic' fits most I've met in the REME
  12. Thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me :)