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REME VEng - Are you interested?

Will you be accepting the invite to extend on REME VEng?

  • Yes. REME is in my blood.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No. It will just mean more tours.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Not sure. I hate making decisions.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
If you get offered it and are not close to leaving after 22 years you might as well keep your options open and say yes. You can still give a year's notice at your 21 year point and leave at your 22 year point
Still undecided and all depends on next years board as would have to extend now anyway as you still have to do 2 years in that rank for your pension I believe. Surely this is to get people to be able to be deployable after your 22yrs instead of the old LSL listed people. A bit confused really.

I too attended a roadshow within the last few weeks. Apparently HQ DEME(A) are very close to working out who gets the offer - decision imminent. It appears that almost all Class 1 soldiers will get the offer unless very close to run out. There may be some judgement about employability but with 25% of the Corps downgraded I am not sure that you will be filtered out if truly non-deployable as long as you can make some contribution. Deployability does not necessarily equate exactly to employability

The other major concern is that by extending lots of guys at the top end, close to run out you will really slow promotion in one fell swoop - less vacancies. :(

Thanks for adding the additional information, personally I am fully deployable but would have to question my ambitions to be sitting in Camp Bastion at 45 years of age!!!

You are also corrects on the promotions slowing up, I know WO2's that were in their last 6 months, family settled and jobs lined up, that have just been given continuance to give them time in rank for pension purposes. Good news for them though :D
Would do, but I have sort of promised wifelet that in 4 years time I can belong to her again, and we can get our own house that we can decorate,and we can plan weekends, and I won't go away and have her worried out of her brain for 6 endless months again, and the kids can go to the same school for more than 2 years,and we don't have to rely on NAAFI again etc,etc,etc..................!! :lol:
Depends where I am at decision time, if I,m at a decent first line armoured LAD enjoying doing the job that I joined the army to do & not being f*cked around, then I'll probably take their hand off. Assuming of course that we spend the extra 2 years at the unit we're at. However if I'm just a well paid lump changer at a REME Bn or dreading the alarm clock every morning at some Mickey Mouse outfit, then I'll be out the door quicker than greased weasel sh*t!
armr617 said:
So where do we get the info on VEng then?

is it the serve til 55 sketch?
I asked about it last week but still not finalised unless someone knows differently. Ive been told it starts as a 3 year contract once at your 22 then extended to 5 years. It sounds to me its just the old LSL sketch but you can get deployed aswell. As said a couple of pieces in the Craftsman.


I think its a fantastic idea. I get to earn more money in my pension pot for my ex wife to get her sticky mits on! Win-Win :?
The news today says that we no longer have any reserves to call upon...so the poll aint looking too good for the future so far is it :( (19 yes .. 18 no).
LSL are deployable, depends on the post they are filling, most posts including recruiters, estate managers and CDT teams don't. They are also supposed to be medically FE. I can see VEng clogging up the promotion at the Sgt/SSgt area especially artisans.

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