REME Urban Myths, got any?

Discussion in 'REME' started by VerminWA, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. Anyone reading our forum may get a tad bored so in an attempt to liven it up, got an Corp Urban Myths. Here's two to start.

    The guy that get sent to pick up 12 trailers and comes back to the wksp with 3 on the back of a landy, he's seen by the ASM before he stops outside and before he can get out gets an almighty bollocking about towing 3 trailers at once, 3 Sir? There was 12!

    After a string of pet cats dying of resiratory problems it is discoved that some wksp/mt type bloke has been selling stolen spillsorb as kitty litter!
  2. a coach load of nurses from guildford were supposed to rock up to our 6 div leaving do at brats.

    wracs came from guildford.
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  3. When I was in QA basic training in the mid 80's (Aldershot!), we went as a bus load to several do's at Arborfield and Borden. Met some nice blokes there...shame they had to meet each other when on trade training....oops
  4. :lol: In the early 70's (74 I think) We did it the other way round! A minibus from 9 Field Workshop went to the Royal Pavilion (QA Depot) in Aldershot for their Christmas Dance! Lost 3 of the party till they turned up next morning :wink: Seems they got lost :roll:
  5. Ahhh those were the days.....easy to get lost in the Royal outside units were allowed there for parties when I was in basic except the Paras guarding us and they got lost too quite a lot! That must have been a tough job to fill...."ayone up for a spot of guard duty? even to guard all the 18 year old nurses?...yes.. form an ordely queue will you!"
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  6. Ex Med Man early nineties, you know the ones when FRG were allowed to be cowboys and lived at the FRG Hut off the side of the Rattlesnake. Went out on a task, obviously it was during the night, to fit a CV8 up on the 71/2 mile circle. Well for the past 3 weeks the rain had been relentless so surface water and marshland was all over the Prairie. Finished the Casrep, but we were a competent crew and even after ground running the PP prior to fitting we found it necessary to let the crew have a cabby to see if the strg/brakes/gears/performance under load was acceptable (we'd had several duff PPs from BATUS Pack Section - no shock there then!) So off trundles the WR up the track until all we could see were the tail/brake lights in the dark distance. Then the Wr turns round to RV back with us and all of a sudden the FRT Comd (who will remain nameless except to say he was nicknamed Fatbloke) started going off his head. There was this strange rumbling/chugging/warbling noise, and he believed we'd yet again been issued with a U/S PP. The WR was still a couple of Kms away but this noise still persisted. Fatbloke was throwing his/my spanners at the ground, kicking the dust and proclaiming to the stars what he was going to do to those back at Crowfoot when it was pointed out to him that we were next to a large bog with a mass of surface water. He'd only mistaken the mating calls of the Bullfrogs for the misfiring CV8!
  7. Ah well I was going out with the MRS Staff Nurse and we wangled 10 invites to get in! She used to live in the Permanent Staff Annex on the top floor, and there were as many men as QA's in the permanent staff sitting room at weekends! No bed checks upstairs!!, we even got fed.......
  8. I don't believe you. In fact, I don't believe anyone who says they've shagged / been blown out by / seen / knows someone who knows someone who thought they saw a QA in Guildford. It was obviously all a double-bluff Black Ops cover story, to hide the real identity of the ultra elite female SAS underwater knife-fighting unit based there. It must be true, the bloke in the pub who told me had a flat cap and a whippet and everything.

    If however you were to ask about REME interaction with WRAC chefs based at DQD Bassingbourne in the mid 80s, I'd have to say that looks were traded in for a morally flexible attitude on a pleasingly regular basis. Ahh, Sue the SeaHag, what an education you were...
  9. That will be because the QA's were in Aldershot (and other various medical type locations) where the WRAC (as was) did their basic in Guildford. And quite a few WRAC girls scared the life out of me. God knows how poor male types felt..... 8O
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  10. Not THE Sue the SeaHag? You as well?

    Does anybody know the story about the tiffy that shaggged Gary Numan's one-legged sister?
  11. QA in Musgrave Park, NI count? Had a few trips there from NIEW in the mid to late 80s - arranged via the Med and Dent techs if I remember correctly.

    Also found out that a fair few pads actually liked nurses too!!
  12. There was the armourer known as {name removed by HdT} whose usefulness was measured in terms of how many CDs he could hold in one hand.
    In fact, aren't we missing out on our trans-gender pal; an ugly little bloke who later became an ugly little 'woman' (using the term loosely) ?
  13. CSM 1 Battalion? Spent time with him in the mess when handing over in Sipovo, Apr 97. Thought he was weird then - little did I know!!
  14. I think I still have the full page national tabloid article that was stuck on my locker door, ah inter cap badge banter :D
  15. I enjoyed many a pleasant personal liaison with many WRAC chefs. Unfortunately I cannot reveal my sauces.

    <Ahem> fetching my coat now...