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Discussion in 'REME' started by dk.baxter, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking to get a Unit Attachment with the REME over the summer but I'm having trouble finding out about the differences between the battlalions (if there are any).

    Can anyone give me a breif description of the job/role of any of the battalions below (the information seems to have dissappeared off the REME website at

    1 (Close Support) Battalion, REME—4 Armoured Brigade
    2 (Close Support) Battalion, REME—7 Armoured Brigade
    3 (Close Support) Battalion, REME—20 Armoured Brigade
    4 (Close Support) Battalion, REME—12 Mechanised Brigade
    19 Light Brigade Combat Service Support Battalion—19 Light Brigade
    6 (Close Support) Battalion, REME—1 Mechanised Brigade
    7 Air Assault Battalion, REME—16 Air Assault Brigade

    Many thanks for your help!
  2. Alot of battalions are similar in working, as is our job spec we support other units... most reme tend to favor location when choosing a battalion.
    Depending what job you intend to slot into depends whereabouts to go.. look at the other units within each brigade and see what events are forecasted and it might give you a better clue as to where you should go.
  3. Stay away from REME Battalions'. I was at 2 Bn from 2002-2005 and it was emotional for constant Op tours, Med Man Ex and normal Ex on Hohne Training area. When that wasn't enough Fwd B would send me out on ISTs' and Casreps' to the various unit's in 7 Armd, working most evenings. It got so **** that the Pltn Staffy would time how long it took to deploy out the gate with the 8T and a K60 on the back. I did it in 35minutes, what was the knock-on effect of all this messing about, half the Fwd B Cfns' signed off and the then OC of 7CS(Now CO of 3CS Bn) asked the senior ranks if he was pushing the guys too hard! I never asked MCM to be posted to a REME Battalion, I was sent there after refusing to do level 1 jobs on RMP vehicles(They couldn't sack me so sent me to a penal REME Battalion!)Just before my 3 year sentence was up the Fwd B AQMS asked me if I would extend for the up and coming Afghan Op tour my reply was,"I would rather stick hot pokers in my eyeballs than stay at this chip-shop unit!"

  4. Hmmm, You spend too much time sucking on lemons.
  5. I'm not bitter and twisted.Although the final insult from 2 Bn was that they fcuked up my posting, instead of sending me to somewhere nice and sleepy like Dulmen like my pref posting said I was sent 900m down the road to the Highlanders. When I asked the Fwd B PC he said that the OC of 7 CS phoned MCM on my behalf as a favour, but he got me mixed up with somone else who wanted to stay in the area, what a plonker! I spent another 2 years in Fally with the Jock infantry and it was one of the best unit's I have served with.
  6. Records post you fella, not your unit so i fail to see how it was your Bn's fault that you didn't get what you wanted.
    Your previous post about being sent to a Bn as punishment is just as stupid...
  7. Agreed, he won't have been posted there as a punishment, however, it could still have seemed like a punishment.

    Back to the main part of the thread...

    Why on Gods green earth would you want to get attatched to a REME Bn? Are you mad!?! :crazy:
  8. Battalions are defiantly feeling the love lately lol.
  9. records may issue the assignment orders, but we all know that people can be posted to where they want to go if the OCs do a bit of backroom dealing.
  10. Not necessarily. It depends on who you know etc. I knew where I was going after NI because my boss organised the posting for me.

    I actually asked to be posted to Warminster!! I know I know!