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Discussion in 'REME' started by sasman, May 27, 2012.

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  1. If i were to join reme as an electronics tech would i get to choose what unit i am posted with. For example an airborne unit ect
  2. You get to submit a pref posting form. Which REME MCM will then read, laugh at, and bin.

    You will then be posted somewhere shit.
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  3. depends what you specialise in. either way what you will need is windex and a rag. Wipe on wipe off
  4. SASman I don't normally pay too much attention to usernames but I'm not too sure the REME will meet to your expectations but the two replies are spot on in there own little way.
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  5. As the posts above have all alluded to, the fact is that you will not be able to tell the army where to post you.
    You WILL, however, be afforded the opportunity to tell the army where you would prefer to be posted, by giving them an idea of roughly where you would like to serve, and with what equipment. As with all service postings, nothing is guaranteed and you will go where you are needed, although your preference will be taken into account as far as is feasible.
  6. When you are in basic training, the DS will be constantly screening potential candidates for special forces training. Keep your head down and don't say too much for the first couple of days but when you're feet are under the proverbial, try to get a chat with your Platoon Sergeant one on one. Now you will have to engineer this meeting as its part of the aptitude test. Its best to try to do it in the urinals, when you both have your fella's in hand. This goes back to David Stirling's days when the Long Range Desert group practiced in the Mojave desert prior to deployment in Africa. The native americans there showed that they came with good intentions whilst cuppint their meant and veg.
    Anyway, I digress but its important that you have all the info. So, the key to your Sgt knowing that you are ready for some time in Hereford is by dropping into conversation the fact that you were in the cadets (even if you weren't but lets face it, with your user name you are) and that his instructing is sub standard by comparison.
    Then its a quick trip to the office, fill out your posting pref form (Hereford, Plymouth or Colchester depending on which element of the SF you want) and you'll be admiring the boathouse in no time.
    You're very welcome
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  7. Does he get the chance to paint the door after trade training??
  8. When I went through, you first went through a BAsic Electronics module. How you scored on that then gave you a possible choice as to whether you went ECE, Radar or Tels for further training. Highest scoring on BE got first choice and so on.
    Depending on what stream you went decided what possible postings you might get
    After that, Eqpt courses pretty much decided to which units you would go, ie if you had just completed a GPATE Maintainers course, then pretty much guarantee it would be a WKSP. CR2 course and deffo first line tanks.
    Why spend the time and money training you on an eqpt and then send you to a posting where it isn´t needed?

    TBH part of the reason why I went ECE, I never thought HMG would deploy CH onto the streets of NI ;)
    Worked for me.
  9. Sparky, you are a bad man. Could this be classed as cyber bullying getting this young impressionable feckwit a good slapping from the D.S? Ah bollocks let him get on with it, am I imaging it or is there another similar thread from the same op?

    Cheers, Nobby
  10. Towards the end of my 1st class course at SEE I found out that you could fill out a preferential posting request.

    I got a reply stating that it should be given sympathetic consideration.

    Some bloke came into the classroom at the end of the course clutching all our postings. An exciting moment for all.

    When he got to me he said "Cpl W***, 94 Locating Regt Celle (whoever the **** they were) but I knew that Celle was at least somewhere in BAOR and chirped up "They`ve got English telly there". BFBS had just started their telly broadcasting and Celle was one of the first places to get it and I could afford to buy proper fags again. Bliss.

    Once he`d finished reading the list out he said there is one change to the above and that Cpl W*** will now be posted to 17 Port and Maritime Wksp REME Marchwood!

    Where the fucks that I thought? Took about 2 seconds for the penny to drop and some bright spark behind me said " Hey Dave, they`ve got English telly there" What a ****.

    Seems there was a requirement for half a Tels Tech there and the present one had to leave unexpectedly and my name had been drawn out of the hat.
    He`d been having some kind of relationship with some bird and wasn`t allowed to stay.

    Spent most of my time fixing safe load indicators on Coles Hydra Husky cranes and it was shite but got posted back to BAOR - 12 Armoured Osnabruck - in 79 ish so could afford proper fags yet again.

    Now smoking Turner and I`ve never looked back.
  11. In my day (old and bold here) things were slightly different. What you had to do was tell everybody you were expected to be called for an assessment with "them" but not tell anybody else about it. Once everybody knew you were off for selection with "them"(but no paper trail existed) all you had to do was tell the unit Clerk that you would be away for a few weeks but couldn't tell anybody where and off you went. 3 weeks later you could come back, be marched in to the OC as having been AWOL and politely tell him that you had been away on Special Forces or Special Duties selection but couldn't tell him anything about it. If questioned about it then you had been instructed not to reveal anything about "them" safe in the knowledge that "they" would equally deny your presence.
    I'm sure it worked for someone sometime but not certain it would work today but give it a try anyhow in the knowledge that they can't shoot you or make you pregnant.
  12. Or post you to the Gulf.
  13. why do you keep doing this?

    judging from your posting style, there is a place waiting for you in the Gloucester Regiment
  14. Had PF brief today, average age of someone passing selection for SF is 28. So best bet is get into CMDO Bde or 16xx for few years get involved with Booty course or P Coy, Go down SRR route or PF and then think of Selection in the future. Colchester I believe was my best 3 years in the army. Fantastic location, great lads. I'm still in 16 AA Bde and although signed off would suggest everyone should try it, Its a laugh!
  15. In a nut shell...

    You will get a form to fill in where you can state your preferred postings.

    However REME is renowned for putting you wherever is needed. I never got anywhere near where I had preferred.

    Your best chance of being put in an airborne unit is simply by doing your P-company course.