REME Tricolour Badge????????

I have heard that there is now a badge for us to wear on cs 95 gear, right arm mini flag type thing. Does anybody have any evidence of such thing and with what authority we wear it???? :roll:
All the Scaly's have been issued and are now wearing the blue & white Signals flash, the QM's have said they are waiting to receive our REME flash. A poster has been sent to our unit with all the tac recog flashes on it, they must have thought really long and hard about them. ie the REME one is a small version of an LAD flag
Getting closer, is there a reference to perhaps a DCI on the wearing of these things as Nige will understand, the Regt I'm with are a bit touchy on us wearing Cav type items, just want to nail it down before I engage, but as ever thanx for the replies!! :D
The link below shows them all and where to wear them. I am sure attached arms wear their Corps flash rather than the Regiment's one. Will check DCIs / JSP336 Vol 12 and confirm.

An example of the policy is 9/12, the chefs wear the RLC one but the Regt are yet to decide if they want to. LAD don't really give a toss yet, but it may be an idea as we don't wear a stable belt. - plus TRF are free!
Let just chuck it on - before we get made to wear yet another Regimental adornment......

I thought you could always ID the REME anyway - only ones doing any work whilst on exercise.......!
Checked Corps Instructions today - nothing seen.

No hits when I searched JSP 336 Vol 12 either - maybe everyone is ahead of the game???

Would ask the Corps ASM but he's busy with DES II - "now works 10% more efficiently than DES I"
As Nige is aware we'll wear whatever the parent regiment tells us to wear and the OC LAD/ASM don't have the gumption to stop. The Corps ASM can say what he likes, he's not serving in a Gds or Cav regt.

1 unit embellishment means that colour beret or a purple square behind the badge. It does not mean the Regt's TRF, shoulder titles, funny coloured trousers, funny coloured jumpers, ridiculous knobbly sticks or all of the above! Eh Nige.

The RLC have been told by their Corps Adjt to wear the TRF and fluck the Regt. All the RLC in my Unit are wearing TRFs. Some of them even have them the right way up!
Is there a reason for wearing these flashes/badges? Other than the obvious, the whim of someone due to pick up a directorship with Regimental Flashes R Us.

We've got cap badges for starters, colourful stable belt for good measure. If someone is so desperate to find a member of the LAD, wait until 10 and raid the brew room.

Or have I missed the point?
Badge has just been presented to Corps Dress Committee which approved the design using vertical bars (looks like a Rumanian flag :wink: ). Discussion is still ongoing as to who will pay for them as alledgedly all other capbadges supply them free yet REME contemplated making soldiers pay! Should be available June/July once this thorny issue is resolved. We'll all have to grow longer arms for all these badges soon, long live the boy scouts.
Tricolour? Isn't that a bit French?
Corps Dress Committee discussed this at some length, much talk about colours, orientation, desert coloured etc etc. Bottom line is wait out for now, I think we may all see an initial free issue in Sept/Oct. I wonder if mine will go under or over my rat?
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