Discussion in 'REME' started by Gun_Doc, Aug 26, 2005.

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  2. Overheard a certain amount of inter-REME abuse on this yesterday. Yes its pukka. You are going to be issued 4 per nut strangler. And I thought the RLC thingie was naff.........
  3. The Staffords LAD are wearing theirs now. Personally I think it's gayer than a reach around and we're all gonna end up looking like yanks with all the badges on our arms. Whats up with looking at someones capbadge?
  4. Heres some more I've found for sale- tiffy boy scout badge?

    I was under the impression that insignia was not going to be put on combat 95 when it first came out, we seem to be wearing more now than ever!

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  5. That is the new TRF (what a pony idea) DEME(A) has left it up to individual CO's as to whether their units wear them or not.

    Surely a cap badge or stable belt does the job. Or were people justgetting jealous of DZ flashes?
  6. My understanding is that DEME(A) has said we must wear them by 1 Oct 05 - I haven't seen this in B&W yet though, so it may be Comd ES.

    I think the reasoning for wearing them is that we spend so much time without berets (Helmets or Hat Floppy) these days that the cap badge is not visible that often. Oh, and it stops knobber COs making us wear the Regimental TRF :)
  7. I was always under the impression that when deploying on Ops only Rank insignia was to be worn as it is part of the "Big 6". Surely any other insignia provides potential enemies with intelligence that should be kept as un-obtainable as possible.

    With regards knobber CO's; regiments can request attached arms to wear 2 Regt'l embellishments (ie Regt'l Rank slides ets). If your parent Regt is exceeding this then it is up to your OC to highlight this to the chain of Comd and resist it.
  8. Cheers for that PCLG - My thoughts exactly - on both counts.

    Unfortunatetely not all OC LADs are of the same opinion regarding embellishments - search 'Jumpers' on this forum for more info :)
  9. Hmmm,

    Nige, it wasn't a nobber CO that tried to get you to wear a funny jumper!

    The TRF is designed to identify the cap-badge of the wearer when he/she wearing a helmet/floppy hat. This is why it is NOT classed as a Unit embellishment. Cavalry Units please note!!!

    I recently attended a BEME conference where the Bde ASM thought he was meeting the RQMS of a certain Regt, who actually turned out to be an AQMS, but was wearing all the hallmarks of the Regiment.

    TRF is coming from DEME(A), fully endosed by the Army Dress Committee, expect to see it on a right sleeve near you soon!
  10. Aye, Maj_B, that's why I wrote "..not all OC LADs..." :)

    I bet the AQ was from RDG - any takers?
  11. Each individual will be issued with 6 initially wef 01 Sep. After that we'll av to pay for replacements. Personally I think there B*****S and not original. Why do we av to copy other Corps'!!!
  12. I raised the TRF (we want to be boyscouts) issue on the Offrs' board and got shouted down.

    Think I might put a Cubs sewing badge on next, see if anyone notices.
  13. Nothing to do with copying! Its a directive from the Army Dress Committee that ALL Regiments and Corps have a Registered TRF.

    Recognition Chart issued earler this year.
    Heres the MOD Web Site on them....

    This was your registered design earler this year... Now changed to look like WWII Arms of Service Strip I see:

  14. I recall the Regt Colonel of the Corps (do I have the title right? Do you care?) had a major c*ckstand about everyone should be wearing these silly badges instead of Regt embellishments at the last DEME(A) WO Conference I attended. With all the cack that's going on at the moment, is this the most important issue to occupy senior officers time? On the other hand, at least it keeps the speccy tw*t out of harm's way...
  15. Ah, the regimental embellishments issue.....

    Will be looking to see if someone can put some guidance in the DEME(A) newsletter about the TRF, or repeat it in the newsletter. Sometimes the flow of information is poor????