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Discussion in 'REME' started by I_shat_in_Erics_boots, May 20, 2010.

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  1. I recently noticed something on the wall entitled 'REME TRF Ethos Message'. Now it appears to me to have been written by someone locked out of the real world and stuck in the realms of DEME(A). I gave it a quick perusal and instead of the pride which I imagine was intended, it made me feel quite nauseous. As Homer Simpson once said 'the last time I saw this amount of molten cheese was when I left my Billy Joel LPs in the sun'.

    Now I appreciate that we need to have pride in our corps, but this trendy concoction of 'buzz words' and clichés is not the way forward, nor is it substance. We tend to spend so much time talking about how to improve things and creating notices, and goals, and league tables, and METs and some other chart to satisfy another set of objectives which are plainly obvious, which makes me think that those in the top corridors of REME know as much about the coal face as a politician would a council house.

    If you want to help those at the bottom of this Christmas tree out, we'd be happy to have an armourer available, maybe a metalsmith too. I'd also like those arriving to have the relevant licences before arrival and it endorsed on their FM/T (this is extremely difficult for some reason; how can a VM pass his driving test on a FV432 and yet be unable to drive one on arrival due to beaurocracy?). BFG tick test before leaving SEAE/SEME? Maybe even trained on Bowman and how to actually speak on it? Familiarised on the likes of GPMG; do we not have lots of soldiers awaiting courses which could be receiving lessons on the military aspects of the REME? MATTs too. Lastly to have attended an equipment course on the kit he/she will be working on arrival.

    Now the young tradesman can arrive at his/her unit, smartly dressed with coveralls ironed and twisters in, and instantly be an asset rather than a liability who has a nice civvy qualification and very little else. Our credibility to those in which we support may also be greatly increased. Maybe that would help esprit de corps.

    Your thoughts......

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  2. I look like a bag of shit but my armourers shop gets the only green in the battalion come ECI time. :D

    Edit: We have those things pinned up on the wall now, I'll have to get our oil drum/burn bag removal device fired up again. :)
  3. Your not looking for much are you?
    Would you like them to bring a toolbox to prevent the time wasted signing one out? How about an STD to get rid of that trip to the bag house. Mabey a complete set of AESP's so they can have something to read for the journey to the unit
  4. Are you one of those sort which instructs at the REME Arms School? The thick type who've either failed their BARB test for REME tradesman or couldn't work out the right way to hold a shovel up whilst in the infantry? Next you'll be telling me how to go about my business on HERRICK, whilst reminiscing about your last tour; that being of Belfast during 1991, before going on to bore me about how you transferred to REME as the amount of people you have killed prevents you being able to sleep at night.
  5. I am currently at SEME, just started my trade course (Armourer). I arrived in November, and spent 2 months working in MT when Ito fill some of the time gap. I asked about getting on other courses but was essentially given the big Foxtrot Oscar for stuff like radio operators courses.

    Its been a big bone of contention about getting people on course to actually fire weapons like jimpy and pistol on the 25m range to get a feel of what the weapon is like (a very rough feel I know), but as always a mass of red tape stands in the way.

    As for military lessons, there is the SDT (Soldier Development Training) course which is a two week cycle of basic soldiering stuff.

    Also the basic trade course is always under scrutiny, the civvy instructors are actually more than aware of what we need to learn in order to be properly field functional. Remove LSW, put in Minime, remove jimpy tripod and put in .50 cal HMG, and extend the course to include 105mm Light Gun. ..
  6. Its not the FM/T 600 thats the issue its the driving record card. The MT SNCO will not put something on an FM/T without seeing it in the driving record. Case in point a Sgt wanted a DAF moved, didnt have it on his FM/T, so he scrawled it in himself and the MT SNCO signed it off. Subsequently had an RTA in the vehicle, board of enquiry wanted to see his driving record: no DAF. Oops. he got fcuked sideways for it, as did the MT SNCO, so now no SNCO will do it without accompanying paperwork. The DST Leconfield admin office are sh1t for sending paperwork through, and it can normally take 4-6 weeks for a driving record to catch up with a soldier posted out of SEME to regiment.

    *Edited to add: currently cat B, c and CE licences are done before leaving here, unless you fail consistently at the test, at which point you are posted anyway and the unit is left to pick up the pieces. I believe this is soon changing to armourers only needing cat B, as C and CE are not seen as trade relevant. *Digs in and awaits incoming*
  7. You learn something everyday, there's me thinking you were all Rumanians! :D
  8. Minimi is already on the basic course you spoon.

    And be absolutely f*cked when you wind up at a light infantry battalion, brilliant. Where are you getting your ideas from, the mad hatter?

    Why? When it was announced my unit was going to be upscaled for this kit I was then sent off to do the course before it arrived.
  9. I did GPMG tripod, and .50 cal on my basic course. Is that not the case anymore?
  10. .50 is an equipment course these days, I believe his suggestion was to remove the GPMG tripod from the course altogether. Followed by legions of Craftsman crying their eyes out in Brecon when they don't have a clue what to do with the tripods.
  11. I would speak to your MT SNCO if you don't have one. IIRC your drivers record records all thats on your FMT a bit like the paper counterpart for your civvy licence.
  12. Hmm, who drives the macchy wagon then? I did my C in 92 as a Cpl Armr so I could drive the macchy wagon, at the time CE was not needed because the 16/24kW genny trailer wasn't big enough to be covered by the legislation.

    Step forward to 98 and I'm a tiffy running A&G and the Crafty who has a CE loses all his licenses after a motoring conviction. As the only person in A&G with C, I do a CE course so that the section can move under its own manpower; the DAF 4-ton macchy wagon and genny now being regarded in the same league as Eddie Stobart's 6-axle 44-ton curtainsider.

    2001 and I'm in Poland. We have a REME Bn's worth of vehicles to drive back from Poland. GS Coy has roated a load of its Techs though by train midway through the Ex; sending back most of the ones who'd driven the vehicles out. So it's licences in the hat and I end up driving some tech wagon back to Germany while its owner sleeps on next to me.

    Still think Armourers don't need CE? The only thing you can drive on a B is a GS Landrover with no trailer. Just about everything else in the fleet is over 3.5 ton and so needs a at least a C1.
  13. I managed to get my C license, according to SEME at the time we didn't need the trailer componant, I wish they told my unit that I didn't need it as they tended to think it would have being useful. Pretty much sod all chance of getting it now anyway. :D
  14. @vampireuk Minime has been removed from the basic course, i.e the course im doing right now because it was seen by the powers that be that if you could master a GPMG you would be able to cope with a minime if you needed the course at a later date.

    @Smudge, GPMG tripod is still in but .50 cal is not.

    Current weapons on basic course:
    L9 browning pistol
    L85A2 rifle
    L86 LSW
    L115A3 Sniper rifle
    L7 Machine Gun and L4 Tripod
    51mm and 81mm Mortar

    Thats it for small arms and support weapons, after that it moves on to Rarden etc

    @ Maj_Boothroyd As far as im aware, the reason the powers that be are stopping C and CE licences for armourers are in order to get them on to field units quicker, as C and CE licences can delay that for a few months.

    @ Vertical Gyro Driving record is normally kept at your units MT office and is forwarded to the relevant unit with each posting. its a permanent record of any vehicle you have done fams training on, if its not in your driving record it wont go on your FM/T. On JPA somewhere you should be able to see all the vehicles you are famm'ed on...
  15. When I left Bordon we never even got Cat B as armourers.

    I did my cat B myself, my cat C I got because we did the unit with an instructor some favours and got my C+E when I got my own machy wagon.

    The most fun was my H licence - Warriors cross country - woo hoo!

    As for going on special to equipment courses - to quote a REME officer when I asked for one "You are a class one, read the book and deal with it."