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Discussion in 'REME' started by JohnBibby, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. Hello all. Hope this is in the right section.

    I have started my application to join the REME. Wanting to join as a Metalsmith... I was wondering how long training is. 14 weeks for basic and then what after that.

    Also dont know if you guys can help with this but how long before my wife can come live with me in married quarters. I heard at the end of phase 2. But also i heard if phase 2 is longer than 6 months we can get a quarter then. Is this true?
  2. Have you got a decent photo of her?
  3. Agreed, a photo would help your cause.
  4. Metalsmith 14 weeks at bassingbourne/pirbright, phase 2 around 6 months at SEME bordon as for the question relating how long until your able to apply for for married quarters im afraid it really does depend on the photo =|
  5. 14 weeks basic..... phase 2 your looking at around a year and a half. That's how long i was there anyway so you shouldn't have a problem getting marriage quarters either
  6. fit is your wife?
  7. A photo of your wife and her mum would help with the quarter allocation.
  8. From arriving in SEME, doing Key skills, foundation engineering,C Cat, C+E Cat, Trade Training and finally BCCS i was there for a total of 16 months, was pretty much the norm.
  9. Please dont fall for these lunatics suggestions of you posting a photo of your wife on here and following correct procedures of sending it in Private IM to THE_IRON who will ensure that it is dealt with correctly.

    As said Bordon (or another location TBA) will be anywhere between 9-18 months depending on course dates and other activities you will enjoy, however your not guaranteed getting a MQ especially with the move when it goes ahead.
  10. Don't forget one of your sister
  11. Hello all. I currently have an application to join the army. My first job choice is for Avionics Technician and my second is for RE GeoTech. I was just wondering where Phase 1 and 2 will be held and how long for? i looked on the army website and, although this may sound very stupid, it confused me. am i right in understanding that it will be at AFC Harrogate for 23 weeks followed by Phase 2 training and a different location?

    any and all information will be helpful, thanks
  12. Phase 1 will depend on age, I am amusing you are under 18 hence going to AFC. Phase 2 training currently takes place at Arborfield, which is within a stones throw of Reading (Great on the piss) Or it may have moved to RAF Lyneham by then.

    This topic will be a great place for you to look to gain all the info you require on becoming a tech and of your phase 2 training.