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Discussion in 'REME' started by PacMan, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. looking at different trades and deciding on regular or TA....just wondered if I could get some advice?

    I've never really done any technical type stuff before but would like to have a go at learning and thought I could do this with the TA or even go regular if I still decide to.

    I got a decent BARB result, I've no idea if I would be any good as Vehicle mechanic or metalsmith or whatever and maybe better suited to a none craft base trade. Recruiter just said if I had the score they would train me but am guessing you would need some aptitude/skill to be a good metalsmith or VM etc?

    Any advice would be great

  2. While a certain natural aptitude would be an advantage, all I can advise is that you decide what YOU want to do and give it your best efforts. I wasn't someone who had a lot of experience with spanners and such like but I decided that I wanted to be a Vehicle Mechanic. I joined REME as a VM and although I passed my tests first time, it took me a good few years to become a "good" mechanic. It is not something you learn overnight mate, just give it a go and try your best. With time you will either decide that it isn't for you or you will become good at it.

    Good luck with your choice.
  3. I'm not REME but i will give you the same advice as i gave my son, "join a corps/reg that will give you a trade to use in civvy street".
    He joined RAMC and is now working in civvy strasse at a job he doesn't like but pays well. So be careful on what you choose.
  4. Thanks.....also some people have said on here if you join as a TA vm that unless you're a mechanic in real life, you wont get very far with your skills as the ta cant give you the training/experience in the time you have available....just wondered if that was true or just people being negative about the TA.

    Like I said I like the idea or being a metal smith but sounds quite fiddly :D
  6. "join a corps/reg that will give you a trade to use in civvy street".
    That was sound advice 40 years ago but today anyone who works in a trade looked down on.
    I did 15 years as a VMc (Construction plant) mainly with RE units, when I came out I lasted a year before jacking it in.
    If you are going in the army, find a job that you want to do now, not to get a trade for the future, and enjoy yourself...
  7. Bollox, just who says/does that then?
  8. I often find my intelligence and ability to fix things and problem solve is looked down upon, oh no wait sorry, I meant valued.
  9. heidtheba the deluded

    some years ago, mixing with the wrong people. I entered a large and highly secure office block to obtain percunery advantage.
    I was wearing blue coveralls and asked the receptionist for directions to the boilerhouse, a key was given to me, also a book to sign, and the woman pointed to a door at the side of her large desk. No words were spoken
    I was invisable.
    Try getting in there in a suit..
  10. A highly informative reply dog.

    So getting out as a mechanic, avationic tech, sparky is looked down apon?

    Yes you need a suit for them, tool.
  11. The best advice to joining the REME is as follows,


    Become a dog handler!!!!1
  12. Balls!

    Skilled trades are desired more and more and are ideal in a recession. I did 16 years as a Radar / Electronics Tech, got out and ended up heading a team installing robotics kit. It's totally different to what I did do, but the skills and trade training I got were very relevant. I'm respected in my job and I REALLY enjoy it, getting to travel to some fantastic places and do some really enjoyable work. The guys I work with and myself are really respected by our customers (upto and including world class professors at the leading edge of their field)

    If folk are being ignored for being skilled maintenance / engineering trades then they are in the wrong job. My time in the Regs really did prepare me for the work I'm doing but there are some points to consider:

    1. I'm doing something that I have a serious interest in and find fun.
    2. I'm not prepared to accept 2nd best, if the guys aren't commited to the job they can feck off.
    3. Of those that the company has taken on for my team, half were indentured sparkies with lots of experience, the rest are ex-military.

    Going back to the OP, What sort of scores did you get on your BARB. VM and metalsmith trades are very honourable (lots of fantastic folk in those trades - please don't mistake what I saying guys!) but they are in a surplus in civvy street and likely to stay that way. Tech trades have a much smaller pool to move into and that makes the qualifications much more marketable. If you don't have a high eneough score for REME tech trades, do you have suficicent for trades in the R Sigs, RE, RAMC, etc.
  13. How about this......

    get a job in Burger King and also join the TA as a mechanic

    If you prefer the Mechanical job to the RETARDS job why not give the army a go full time.

    alternatively, live a dull and boring life stinking of chips and riding a moped to work!

    whoever said you get "looked down on" as a mechanic in Civvi street was probably crap at his job! i was a VMa and then did a VMc course with the engineers, I now spend monday to friday in a different country building or repairing marina cranes, all thanks to the education the army gave me.
  14. I got 68 in my barb.....i have gcse maths and english and some others inc chemistry and IT and A levels english and geography. Never so much as picked up a spanner....or even attempted to do anything more than put petrol and oil in my car in case i FUKKED it up. I now feel I would like to learn something really new and develop a whole lot of skills which I really dont have at the mo. (TA web site says learn something new different to civillian life).....???

    some guys i was a tschool with were obviously into technical stuff like dismantling tv's or old motorbikes for a laugh but I never was bothered and more into sport and footy i really fancy learning how to do something technical but am worried as I haven't had any background or previous interest, I'll look like a twat infront of others who have more natural experience.....long stands and tins of elbow grease etc. My dad says if i was techy sort of person i'd have shown/interest or aptitude in it and therfore if am gonna join either Regs or TA, I should go for something else like either RMP, admin clerk or logistics ??
    thanks for your help and let me know waht you think

  15. PacMan, it doesnt matter about your background.

    Do you think that all Inf have played soldiers in the woods?

    Are all REME VM's ex-mechanics? I dont think so.

    Do what you want to do.