REME tours

Anyone have any useful input on what REME tours are like? (VM/VE or Armourer) And REME prospects within the wider TA in general?

(From an annoyed Signaller who should have been Class 3 Tech by now, if they hadn't dithered before finally binning the trade)


One of my TA VMs is about to deploy at 40+ and most of the others have deployed at some stage of their TA career. On the last trawl REME were looking for Class 1 to Class 3 tradesmen so the chances of deploying as a REME TA tradesman appear to be quite high.

If you're looking to transfer in and are keen to deploy reasonably quickly I'd suggest VM as Recy Mech & Armourer take way too long to train to a deployable standard.

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