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Discussion in 'REME' started by louizd, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi. After several visits to the afco to join the reme as a metalsmith or shipwright i have recently been informed that there are no positions available. After much thought and adamant that i wanted to do a technical job i have just been told that there is nothing available this year or the beginning of next year and have been waiting 10 months already.
    I decided to visit the afco today to re-think my trade and regt and the only options available are infantry, agc hr specialist and rlc driver but then i was given the option of technical support specialist in the reme as they would take into account my previous military service in the raf as a supplier.
    Looking up on the trade it does not seem to bad as it's high payband lcpl-sgt and there is another half to the trade which involves training officers and recruits.
    I had my heart set on joining the reme but did not want to go in within the logistic side of things but looking at the current situation with the recruitment and cutbacks i am kind of counting myself very lucky.
    Sorry for the essay and to cut to the chase could anybody offer some advice on the trade and what rank do you enter at as heard that it will be lcpl due to the training side which i find hard to believe but stand to be corrected. Also if i decided it was not for me what would be the chances of staying within the reme but re-trading. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. You will be a CFN after training. Promotion to L/Cpl is the same as eveyone else (except Techs)

    Unless thing have changed since my day??
  3. Firstly what grade and when did you pass ADSC???

    Just remember you hopefully have the next 12-24 years ahead of you so waiting for the job you really want even if it is in 12-18 months time is better than just taking any job. Remember though if you didn't get an A grade or high B grade you may never get a chance at REME/RE type jobs and as the Recruiters reliably informed you all REME trade jbs are loaded for October so January at the earliest but they will be filled soon with A grades who have passed and on the awaiting allocations list or pass in next month or so with an A grade (and theres lots of them).

    There is a lot to consider remember your pass at ADSC only lasts 2 years but if over 1 year since you pass to ATR start date is given you have to do a one day PER to check on medical and fitness.

    Im sure your own Recruiter is guiding you and giving you the same per Tech Storeman speak to Drifter or Army Rizzle who will bore you....I mean give you good relevant info on it.
  4. A grades, thats hilarious. The clowns im getting in the field are barely scraping C/D at GCSE. Standards have dropped considerably at a time when we do in fact have the option of picking the top 9.73%
  5. Thats A grade at ADSC.......the GCSE is still C grades Eng lang, maths and Science for Techs and D grades for black hand trades. Problem will always be getting quality people in whos educationally and hands on abilities are top draw but surely thats up to people like us to educate them better. When most SNCO currently joined late 80s early 90s there was that much man power around so you could litterally train people in the LAD/Wksp and get to a great calibre. Unfortunately now a days with less bods, more work and tours that one to one work you did with a new Crafty is out the window plus society changes with todays computer x box generation compared to before. However take your self back 10/20 years from when you joined up I bet there were still Seniors saying exactly what you just said and was you an instant expert tradesman/soldier...I know I wasnt and was nurtured by a great Full heres your chance to do just that. Not a slate at you but in my books its your job to get the young lads trained up for operational mechanical skills.
  6. I did exactly the same as you. I had all the relevent qualifications, BARB score and interest in the REME, but due to my colour perception score the only job I could do was Tech Storeman. Think I may have been the only Tech Storeman in the REME who joined as this trade, ie; didnt fail benchfitting.

    I had heard whispers about RS and TS combining to make this new trade and it interested me. Probably the only thing that kept me going in my first couple of years.

    I'm not going to lie to you, the job is very boring, long hours, monotonuos, and very unrewarding. I spend most of the week wishing I was in another job or even a civy. But on the other hand, you get to stay clean, dry and indoors most of the time, and sometimes you even get to wear a snazzy dustcoat :)

    That aside, the promotion is good, and generally you get left alone.

    The job is a lot diffrent if your in a LAD than to a Battalion.

    Im aiming towards the CQ/MTI/Trainer side of life, and to be honest if it wasnt for that I would be transfering. If you want to be hands on with equipment and "fixing" stuff then I would say wait out till a space becomes avaliable.

    (When did the Job title change again? Technical Storeman & Trainer?? Sounds like two seperate jobs again to me, the new description on the armyjobs website isnt exactly exciting is it)
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Just to clear up a few things. I left the RAF July 2010 after serving 9 years as a supplier and literally went straight to the afco to start the ball rollling. I completed all the tests and paperwork within about 3 months but then had to wait for the pre adsc course to start. I then finally got loaded onto the adsc at Pirbright for May. Passed with a high B but was looking for a slightly higher score due to the current competition for jobs but it wasn't to be so I do not have the balls to take a gamble on being offered a job of my choice next year with this grade. If i had been awarded an A then it would have been worth the wait as I would be much more confident in getting what I want on the next enrollment.
    I'm 28 years old and not getting any younger so time is also against me.
    It's nice to hear that promotion is good as this rarely seen these days.
    As regards to the description on the armyjobs website, I agree that the write up does not sound that that exciting but like any job description written by the mod is normally a pack of lies and made out to be the next best job on the planet.

    If I was really unhappy which I hope I wont be, would I stand any chance of changing trades or is this a definite no.

    Thanks again
  8. Seems like the perfect thread to ask if anyone has the NSN for the one man bleed kit bottles found on every shop floor in the army except mine. Been all over SCOC typing allsorts in but I can't find it. First man to PM me with the number wins a metalsmith's punch!
  9. No idea if this is the exact one??

    1440-00-883-8093 BOTTLE,BLEED AND DRAIN


    5340-011646151 BOTTLE,BLEED AN
  10. Iouzid

    As Iron said and others allude to, it is not the most exciting job in the world. Its not a bad job either, just repetitive and monotonous.

    It can be very busy, promotion is good and you can go MTI. If you are RAF stores trained, we also have stmn attached to aviation units, which utilises the RAF accounting systems.

    If you can wait for a better trade, do , if you are desperate to get in go for it. It has its good points and bad points.

    4910-99-766-1175 One man Clutch and Brake Bleeding kit, but you can't have it cause if i give it to you i won't have one on my shelf.
  11. No luck with them NSN's or feywords on SCOC, can you check them again as I got a little twinge in the groin when you posted them numbers.
  12. A definate NO to changing once in...from Apil 6th 2010 all new entrants sign a JOB OFFER letter stating unable to change once in (unless the Army wants you to)

    As per bleed bottle.......empty coke bottle cut in half with a piece of wiper tubing does the trick unless you do as I used to...I mean some one I know and just squirt it all down the hull (who needs a bleed tube)
  13. Gleaming! I'm gonna over 5 thousand of them now just to annoy the RLC.
  14. If you were an RAF supplier then you should have no problem with the job, just diffrent systems and proccesses, but your brain is already wired for the job.

    Its not all bad, life at an LAD is a lot better, and to be fair, if you keep on top of the work it should never get on top of you, but something always rears its ugly head.

    Ive been doing it for 4 years, I got my lance corporal after 2 years, and looking at my full corporal next year, if I get it that would make me a 5 year full screw, which like I said before, promotion is good, its there for the taking you just have to want it.

    Also with the new dual role trade spec, once you have qualifications in diffrent subjects you will find yourself doing a lot of CQ/Sgt majory type things in your LAD.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. I received a phonecall from the afco today to say I had been accepted to start in November and to collect my joining instructions within the next week, so this is it for real unless the government decides to cut the army even more than it has.

    Army Rizzle- Sorry but can you explain what RS and TS is and what is the CQ/MTI. The abbreviations is something I will need to get used to as they are obviously very different to the RAF.

    Is the army getting MJDI which is the supply system the RAF and Navy use and the system I have used for 9 years. I remember hearing a couple of years ago that this was the case.

    Also when I left the RAF I printed off a copy of the JSP 754 (Pay levels) and under Technical storeman it has a line through Private and shows the ranges from Lcpl onwards and this is the only trade in the 754 which has this. This is why I thought that there would be a possible jump to Lcpl.