REME taste buds - are they a myth ?


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I've got a good mate who's ex-REME, he's a Suez vet and an all round good egg.
But he has a problem.

It's drink.

Not that he drinks to excess, he's a normal bloke in that respect, but in his dotage he's been known to mix the weirdest subtstances just to get a buzz.
Not content with a Guinnesss with Cremé de Menthe top or Van Östen and Ribena, his latest trick was a blinder.

A friend was in Rome for the trouncing of the Wops the other week and asked if he'd like some Eyetie booze.
"Just some sort of liqueur please."
Not a diffcult mission, but the friend was of the distaff persuasion and would by anything in a 'pretty bottle.'

Result was she pitched back with three strange bottles and he hoe'd into them with REME abandon.
His kids wondered what it was he was throwing down, especially the deep crimson stuff he preferred as it had a weird picture of a cake on the label.

"This is bloody ace !" he bellowed from his chair as daughter #1 was looking the stuff up on Google. "You want to try this, the Eyeties can actually make some decent booze !"

- "Is that really good Dad ?"
- "Nectar !" he said as he poured his fourth (large) glass, "I'm going to order more of this, Mussolini's got something right at last !"
- "Glad you like it Dad, what do you think it's made of ?"
- "Buggered if I know, but it's strong."
- "Aye Dad, food colouring often feels like it's burning your throat..."

Now I understand a bladdered eighteen year old squaddie pouring anything from a bottle down his Greg, but fifty years on ?
Is this army wide or just REME ?
183 viewings and no response (until this). What does this tell you?
It's Army wide - if you want to get really depressed - just look around the mental wards, custody centres and prisons. There is a far too great proportion of the ex services in them all. I have no solutions, but we should as a country care better for those that have been driven into this state, by what they have done, seen, or in some cases been able to get away with.
the fact is the REME are the hardest drinkers..........................

.......its just true.
i'm positive Cuts meant it in a jovial manner and perhaps it was an attempt to thrust some humour into the REME forum!!

I'm sure i ate and drunk some of the strangest things whilst i was in the REME, spending more time with Reccy Mech's than i should have probably had a far reaching effect of that!! :lol:

On a serious note, with regard to drinking, i think Gone_REME could have a valid point, i for one know i drink far too much and in reality it could be called a problem.

I drunk heavily whilst in the army as its the done thing to do, i find now even tho im out i drink most nights if im honest with myself, which is undoubtably not the way forward. Is it anything to do with the army? i dont know, perhaps.........

i enjoy a beer, thats the thing!! :roll:

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