Discussion in 'REME' started by sunburysoldier, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Hiya ladies and gents,

    After serving in the RN for a short while I have decided to swap sides and join the REME TA. Just thought firstly I would say hello and secondly see if anyone else here serves with the REME TA or is joining at the same time as me (Sept 16 06)?

  2. I’m with the REME TA 8)
  3. How long have you been in mate?
  4. check your PMs
  5. We had a new lad switch from the REME TA to our Infantry TA unit.. For some reason he is the only one (when talking to the CO) banging his foot around and standing to attention!

    *We all either piss ourselves laughing at his expense or rip him about it later! Oh but really he is a good lad, if a bit over weight! :)
    **He told us the only reason he switched to infantry TA is because he owns his own 110 and did not want to fix the Army's which I found quite funny...
  6. You enjoy being in the REME?
  7. I'm still a recruit in the Infantry, Infantry is a bit more fun & games.. Running around fields, shouting "MOVE", "Bang,Bang, Bang!" , "MOVE" and it goes on and on :)
    What made you choose the REME?
  8. I chose the REME because I cant commit to regular aprade nights at a unit, I am a motor engineer by trade and I miss fixing things now I am in the police!

    What regt are you in?
  9. I'm joining thr 3rd Royal Anglian.. 2nd royal Anglian are all in El basra Iraq at the moment, form what I have seen on the TV.

    You "Don't" have to turn up on Tuesday which is my parade night, and anyway we spend ours in the field learning things or doing work on tactics maybe nothing much at all :) and even then not "That" many turn up as long as you let the CO know your not coming, then no hassle!

    *What's the police training like? long? You guys do allot of PT or PT in your own time?
  10. I'm a REME stab type. Joined because I'm a pen pusher and wanted to learn a new set of skills. Been in for over five years now and loving the challenge and 'can do' attitude that the other CORPS just don't seem to have. REME types seem to get on and act like lifelong mates when they've known each other for five minutes. Not sure why, but it makes OP Tours, Courses, etc a lot easier.

    My only two criticisms would be the slow promotion (it can take ages to get qualified) and the bullsh1t factor if there are too many REME types in one place.

    Hope this helps. PM me if you have any non-forum related questions.
  11. So you enjoy the REME then? Been anywhere nice with your unit?
  12. I had a six month excursion to a hot part of the world. Lovely sand, easy women and good pay. :D

    Some units are better than others when it comes to jollies. If you have somewhere in particular that you want to go, then there are plenty of FTRS vacancies for the REME.

    Don't join my unit. They just drive around the UK all the time :D

  13. Its called the " manure syndrome ", Basically REME is like manure, spread evenly over a large area it does it's job fantastically( 1st line ), but collect it all together and its just a big pile of crap!( 2nd line ).
  14. What unit are you in stab?
  15. PersSec on this thread is getting a bit on the threadbare side or is it me?............