REME TA Vehicle Mechanic?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dogfondler, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi all
    The youngest fruit of my loins would like to become a vehicle mechanic but is working full time as a storeman and can't afford to go to college full time. Having regaled him with my tales of derring-do on H13 he has expressed an interest in the TA. Is there an option within REME TA to train as a vehicle mechanic?
    All answers gratefully received.

    ps. I've checked the website but there appears to be contradictory info on there, so it would be nice to hear it 'from the horse's mouth', so to speak.

  2. Pretty sure there is; for up to date info try the Armed Forces career Office local to you.
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yes there is - up to a point. The days when you could join the TA and expect a full Trade Training process are, sadly some would say, gone. It was always very hard for non-vocational TA VMs to get any experience, and it's even harder now. The experience of those being deployed is that non-vocational ones are pretty much useless (unless they are useful for other tasks - such as a refrigeration engineer, who was in GREAT demand in Iraq).

    He could always join as a Storeman RLC - every REME Unit has them, and it's a decent enough trade (plus you don't get your hands so black).
  4. if ure lucky enough to have a reme TA near enough to where you live then go n see them. not trying to be sarcastic honestly!! 9 out of 10 TA VM's i met did the same as civvy job so were well qualified to use a spanner. I saw a couple of lads in my LAD that started down the VM route with no civvy experience in that trade. (like me but i wanted to be an armourer, even after weeks of the OC LAD trying to convince me to be a VM) SEME do TA VM courses. Think its a two week course for class 3 and then another two week course for class 2. It's unusual to go down a TA REME trade route without civvy experience, but not unheard of. I left in 2008ish so my experience is a few years old. My old TA centre has closed down, I was in a LAD attached to a signalls regt with plenty of different vehicles to use said spanner on!!
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    See below...

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  6. If he can't afford to go to college full time then he should do it part time or 'distance Learning'; Having some sort of qualifications before joining the TA used to make a fair difference. Some have even gone straight in as class one tradesmen.
  7. forgot to say:- also i believe you must be a class 3 at least before you can mobilise. and done the TA REME recruit course at Bordon before trade training courses.
  8. If youve got civvy quals that the TA recognises then you may go straight in as a class 3,2 or 1 depending on what they are. Tell him to be an armourer instead, its cleaner work!!
  9. Has Bordon not been closed down Yet?
  10. Louisburg Barracks is no more for recruit training anyway, and I believe you need to be Class 2 to mobilise, or to be worth while mobilising rather....
  11. In my experience most independent TA units will have a punt at a non vocational potential VM. It may take some considerable time though before he's considered competent enough to be mobilized......
  12. i did my class 3 TA armourer course in late 99, mobili'sed in feb 2000. Was told that I couldn't mobilise till done trade course.. Saying that you dont have to mobilise as your trade. I got told by Chilwell the second time i mobilised that i couldnt go to Bosnia as a class 2 cfn armourer because there was no places in theatre for that. The nearest was a Class one CPL or above to work unsupervised and 'sign off' PRE's, which as a class two i couldnt do. Was told i could go as a driver or some similar duties but not as an armourer. Got the same answer with regards op. Telic. If you can drive or dont mind doing other duties then any theatre that chillwell now mobilise to should be available to you.
  13. If he wants to be a VM from scratch, then he probably won't get the full benefit unless he joins a Workshop company in a REME Battalion.However, as Old Snowy has pointed out, unless he is a vocational VM he won't really be considered as equivalent to his Regular counterpart.

    However, there are usually slots for REME Tech Storemen, which will still get him near tools and stuff, and there is nothing to stop him helping the VMs out when he can.

    The first step is to get in. Get his recruit training done, and then spend a couple of years getting a basic trade qualification. There's nothing to stop him changing trades or even cap badges later. He might discover a deep love of shooty things, and decide to become an armourer for instance.
  14. Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply. He has an interview this evening with a REME TA unit.
  15. As long as he has a half decent REME PSI or NRPS he will get exactly the same benefits in an LAD that he would in a REME Bn or Wksp Coy, just less of the bullshit.

    As for being a Tech Stmn and working on the shop floor VMing, its obvious DES 3 and LEUMS obviously have not been read as regards competency or does your unit turn a blind eye to them? He would also need to be listed on James as a VM in order to have his work correctly signed off and besides, the Tech Storeman trade only exists in the TA as its now TSS in the regs.

    As regards being a vocational VM or you won't be considered an equivalent to his regular counterpart, he will have to earn the respect of his regular bretheren once deployed, whether he turns spanners for a living or stacks shelves at Tesco.