Reme ta telford

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Maverick999, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Heard a rumor REME TA will have a base in Telford soon. Has anyone else heard this and if so when? I don't fancy Wrexham or Durham so this would be ideal.

  2. It is another of the rumours floating around.

    There are TA REME jobs in Telford with B Sqn RMLY in its current state (VM, VE, RecyMech and armourers) this may change.

    I'm not sure on TA REME jobs at the RLC Sqn
  3. With RMLY going could they set up a REME centre at Dawley Bank? Probably make more sense to do it at Donnington depot.

    Is the RLC DROPS Sqn still going at Donnington?
  4. RLC are still there.

    Also, if you're REME, I know that 4 Mercian at Wolverhampton are on the lookout for bods. Just down the road.
  5. REME going to Dawley Bank is one of the rumours, apparently they looked at the site and it isn't suitable for their needs; not enough power points for burcos and fridges.

    But the capbadge may just change to one of the other Yeoman regiments or they could tear it down and build on it or nothing could change.