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REME TA.. Armourer.. Help?

Hi all, first time poster here.
So ive pretty much decided that i want to join the TA after i've finished college, and the role that has most interested me is armourer.

I was hoping someone could tell me about the training process... the army website says i'll first do initial training over weekends and weekdays; what exactly does this initial training include? Is it firearms training, first aid, map reading ect..? I'm completely clueless!

Also, where would i do my initial and further training? Would it be at my local REME TA unit (127 Workshop Company 101 Battalion in Manchester)? Because that's where i'd hope to continue to work after my training!

Is there any armourers/ex-armourers on here that can give me some info?
I'd appreciate it, thanks.


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I'm a TA armourer. Feel free to PM me with any questions you have.

You will have to do 6 months phase 1 training which will involve 1 evening a week, every 4th or 5th weekend and a final 2 week exercise. This phase involves all the usual soldier stuff you'd imagine, shooting rifles, map reading, covering yourself in green face paint etc. etc.

Then you will spend a few months working at your unit wherever they can employ you, as an armourer this should obviously be in the armoury under strict supervision.

Next step is a 2 week course at Bordon in Hampshire taking apart SA80s and sniper rifles. After this you will be a class 3 armourer.

From joining up to becoming a class 3 armourer should take between 1 and 2 years depending on course availability and how good you are.

Further down the line you will be able to do class 2 and 1 armourer's courses specialising in more complicated equipment.

It's great, get amongst it and as MSR says, get yourself along to your local unit and have a chat.

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