Discussion in 'REME' started by PartTimeSJT, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. any one no where the REME T.A are in the North East?
  2. Newcastle
  3. There's REME types at most units, bucket loads at;

    RHQ 102 Bn REME, 124 Rec Coy 102 Bn REME
    The Aycliffe Armoury
    Northfield Way
    DL5 6UR
    Tel: 01325 312 739 / 01325 307 220

    Or you can search on the link;

    Failing that, ask this lot;

    Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    Louisburg Barracks
    GU35 0NE

    Tel: 01420 489 697


    Happy hunting!

  4. 102 Bn, Newton Aycliffe
    124 Rec Coy, Newton Aycliffe
    186 Wksp Coy, Newcastle
    101 Regt RA Wksp, Newcastle
    216 Sqn Sect, Tynemouth
    100 Pnr Sqn Sect, Cramlington
    104 Pnr Sqn Sect, Coulby Newham
    201 Fd Hosp, Newcastle
    251 Fd Amb, Sunderland
    34 Sig Regt LAD, Middlesbrough
    Tyne Tees, Durham
    QOY LAD, Newcastle

    Hope this helps,
  5. had a word with they guys over at Aycliffe, going for a tour round soon, rechy mech in the making hopefully, thanks guys.
  6. How much different is the job to civvi street , and how much would one do in the T.A?