REME Support for Harry?

Discussion in 'REME' started by EScotia, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Some crackers on that site...will have to wait until I get home for a more in depth look!
  2. Cheeky wee smile though, and some serious chest puppies, so you could forgive a lot!!
  3. Terrible salute. More drill needed.

  4. Verticalgiro....... Outed.

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  5. I'd smash her.
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  6. That goes without saying Prince Albert, after all it is female with a pulse.

  7. Concur with your erudite, and well thought out statement.
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  8. VG, I have checked you FB friends(I was quite shocked as to how many friends you as a greenie has) and can confirm that her husband is one of them. He is a blackie, but does not reflect your rather blinkered view of the better aviation trade^_~

  9. Could be she has the figure of an egg timer. Look at where the adjusting buckle is.
  10. He just said he would smash her! He didn't say anything about a pulse being necessary!
  11. In the old days that was my only pre-requisite for the dirty deed.