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Hi all,

I have had a nosey around and cannot find anything but an old thread regarding this.

Does anyone know if REME Specialists are in short supply or whether this is a myth? My husband is thinking of transferring to do just that, or he will be terminating (would like to add he is not a sprog - he has done 16 years).

I do have contacts in REME, but they are not in this area so do not know the honest answer.

As in Technical Support Specialist.

Were down something like 49% Corporals.

But if your husband wants to transfer to go and do the "specialist" side of life ask him to have a long hard think, as all TSS are being pulled out of Training Reg's at the moment to come back to the G10's. May only be a tempory thing though.

"Dont quote me on any of the above as its only what I've heard on the grapevine"
Army Rizzle you are 100% correct in what you said.

I am a Cpl TS Spec wanting to go the instructor (MTI) route i applied through my C of C and was regected along with 6 othe Cpl TS Specs. I then went on a REME Roadshow just before christmas. I asked about the issue. I was told TS Specs are undermanned and its not short term ether when there are enough of you you can start going back to training regts but until then the answer is NO. (Question raised to SO2 Q: Why cant us TS Specs go MTI even though we are supposidly undermanned? A: Exactly that be your undermanned!!!!!!!

This has made me think long and hard about staying a TS Spec especially after serving over 10 years already. There are no retention incentives for us to stay and no one cares about us anymore. Even deploying on ops and exercise is hard as we are so undermanned.

Samm1551 tell your husband if he wants to spend the rest of his career in G10 stores then transfer but if not id find something else to do, sorry its bad news.


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Thank you for your honest answer. Hubby currently works in stores, has done all sorts of courses involved with this and is happy to stay that way, just not with his battalion. He is supposed to be having an interview with his OC later this week and is going to put his transfer paperwork in then. His only concern is his length of service (he has done 17 years this year). One of his friends has recently transferred with roughly the same amount of time left, so we shall see.

Posting wise can we expect UK all the way or are there other postings available? Not bothered one way or the other just interested really.
There are postings in Germany and the UK. They are drawing down germany due to the SDSR but that will become more apparent to which units will go first.

There are a small number of posts in cyprus, canada and the falkland islands too but depending on rank.

he shouldnt have a problem in transfering as we are extreamly undermanned.

We are currently still known as Tech Storeman due to JPA not having the new TS Spec on the system but it will change in the near future
REME Roadshow and DEME(A) and crew are coming out to Canada next month, May have to raise this because if this is the case there is no way I'm staying. Im all for jumping ship if thats the case. 22 Years in a store just isnt my cup of tea.

I fell like ive been lied to , hmmmm whats new?
Hi I have just transfered from 5 Scots to the REME as RS and when i spoke with Glasgow they told me to try and coax as many other instructors that i knew to transfer.

I did 15 years in infantry and was posted to a phase 1 depot when i decided enough was enough and jumped ship. The whole process from start to finish to 9 weeks, which i thought was very quick.

What job do you do at the moment? What Quals do you have and the main one is what is your Rap sheet like? I had a mate working with me who had a couple of minor things on his Rap sheet from when he was a Pte and they didn't accept him.


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Hubby got done for drink driving 5 years ago but other than that is ok.

He has got Skill at Arms, All Arms Stores Accountants, CBRN Inst, BCD Inst etc etc.

Me xx
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